So how do you measure the healthiness of your own family experience? What is the line between functional and dysfunctional? What are the best ways to prevent divorce and estrangement?


If we are going to improve, we need to understand what the ideal is. What values of family are deeper than your culture and universally applicable? How can anyone in any era and in any place, find a clear picture of the optimal family? What is the prototype?

We find the highest expression of family values within the Godhead. What are the values that sustain God and demonstrate what it means to be a father, mother, child and spouse? How do the Father, Son and Spirit relate to each other as a model of family? How does the Bridegroom Christ relate to the Church as his bride?


How can we be one with God and each other with the heart, soul and mind that the Godhead demonstrates toward each other?


The Trinity doesn’t just create life and leave it alone. God loves what he creates, calls that creation into deep union with himself and rejoices in the life he shares with his creation. Moms and dads don’t just have babies, they love those children, rejoice in those children and work to create a communion of love that grows stronger in its unity and bigger (in one way or another) with time. God extends an invitation to the world to join his family through the loving witness of your family.[1]



Let’s look at two pictures of God relating to God. The first is seen at Jesus’ baptism and the second picture is at the crucifixion.



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