So, what is your platform? What views of right and wrong stand between you and other brothers and sisters? Whom are you avoiding in your freedom or in your condemnation?


Let’s not make the mistake of saying that these are trivial matters to discard. A person’s conscience is the organ of discernment that allows them to be measured by God’s standards. In the ongoing grace and truth development of your life, let the Word of God and the Holy Spirit guide you into a life of committed love.

Romans 14:

22 Whatever You Believe About These Things, Keep Between Yourself And God. Blessed Is The Person Who Doesn’t Feel Guilty For What They Do. 23 But Whoever Has Doubts About What They Eat Is Guilty If They Eat. That’s Because Their Eating Is Not Based On Faith. Everything That Is Not Based On Faith Is Sin.



When you do something that is against your conscience and you are not sure if it’s a good moral choice, you sin. It may not be wrong in and of itself, but your belief troubles you and so it becomes a violation. You do not want to do that to yourself. It’s better to refrain than to recklessly violate yourself. Think about the way we protect little children from things they are not ready to handle. Now treat your conscience like a child that needs to have its innocence protected. Do not sin against the child that is your conscience.


Paul Tournier said,



We are nearly always longing for an easy religion, easy to understand and easy to follow; a religion with no mystery, no insoluble problems, no snags; a religion that would allow us to escape from our miserable human condition; a religion in which contact with God spares us all strife, all uncertainty, all suffering, and all doubt; in short, a religion without a cross.[1]


The life of the Cross leads us each to endurance. We are called to put up with others and make sacrifices for their benefit. The mind of Christ and the love of God help us to live this way and will keep us humble.


Have you dismissed and scorned others in the faith family for their legalism and what you perceive to be an overactive conscience? Show your strength by keeping them in the family and loving them.



[1] Paul Tournier (1982). “Reflections: a personal guide for life’s most crucial questions”, Westminster John Knox Press

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