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Even though God had confirmed that Nebuchadnezzar was a great king, it was not enough for the monarch. He wanted to be greater than God’s idea of whom he was. Listen to the fame lust in his next step after God had revealed the truth to him.



Daniel 3:

King Nebuchadnezzar Made A Gold Statue. It Was 90 Feet Tall And 9 Feet Wide. He Set It Up On The Plain Of Dura Near The City Of Babylon. Then The King Sent For The Royal Rulers, High Officials And Governors. He Sent For The Advisers, Treasurers, Judges And Court Officers. And He Sent For All The Other Officials Of Babylon. He Asked Them To Come To A Special Gathering To Honor The Statue He Had Set Up. So The Royal Rulers, High Officials And Governors Came Together. So Did The Advisers, Treasurers, Judges And Court Officers. All The Other Officials Joined Them. They Came To Honor The Statue That King Nebuchadnezzar Had Set Up. They Stood In Front Of It.

Then A Messenger Called Out Loudly, “Listen, You People Who Come From Every Nation! Pay Attention, You Who Speak Other Languages! Here Is What The King Commands You To Do. You Will Soon Hear The Sound Of Horns And Flutes. You Will Hear Zithers, Lyres, Harps And Pipes. In Fact, You Will Hear All Kinds Of Music. When You Do, You Must Fall Down And Worship The Gold Statue. That Is The Statue That King Nebuchadnezzar Has Set Up. If You Don’t, You Will Be Thrown Into A Blazing Furnace Right Away.”



Nebuchadnezzar took the dream God gave him and interpreted it wrong. Instead of seeing that God had appointed him to be a most outstanding leader, he borrowed the vision of gold and turned it into an excuse to be worshipped by people.


This is a real problem for big government and its leaders. The desire for infamy and positive affirmation can drive sane people to become tyrannical and diabolical. They can assume a privilege that has no accountability and no way to back down from.


This can happen to politicians and it can happen to you. Do not let God’s dream become your excuse to attempt becoming a god.


In 1887, Lord Acton said, “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”


It’s not that there aren’t some godly people that rise to power, but every authority on earth should tremble and bow before the Highest Power. The best king is a worshipper not a worship-seeker.


The line we cannot cross is where that which belongs to God is instead given to Caesar. The early Christians lived under instruction to pay their taxes, live peacefully without violence and do good works that would glorify God. All this they did with patience and a hope that extended beyond what human authority could supply.


In the Nebuchadnezzar’s dream the statue had feet of clay, the least valuable commodity. He was gold but government would devalue over time to become as common as the dirt from which it was made. Some theologians believe that the world empires represented in the statue culminate in Rome as the feet of clay.


The Roman Empire was the most tolerant, the most liberal, the most wise, and the most accurate in its handling of the many provinces and religions of its empire of any kingdom that ever existed. Men could worship, have temples, and do as they pleased.

And yet the Roman Empire and the Caesars persecuted the Christians. Why?

For one simple reason: the Christian refused to compromise his faith with any other religion whatsoever. When the Romans invited them to place Jesus in their Pantheon beside Jupiter, by the side of Juno, by the side of Neptune, by the side of Isis, by the side of Osiris, the Christian flatly refused. It is Christ alone. When the Christians were invited just to bow down before the Roman image, their lives could be spared if they would merely take a pinch of incense and put it on the fire that burned in the presence of the image of the Roman Caesar. The Christian died rather than compromise with a pinch of incense.[1]


Before we come back and look at what happened to Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, we need to recognize the timeless truth that what God requires of you is your life and your allegiance. There is no nation, no corporation, family or church that we can pinch incense to. The only one to receive our worship is the Lord.


If we are to learn something from our prison teachers, those saints that have suffered for their allegiance; it is that we belong to God. We will serve in this world, pay our taxes and do good unto all. But we will not mistake Caesar for Jesus. We will not bow to the exaggerated image of a godlike man.


Consider this Psalm as a prayer of our allegiance to the Lord.



Psalm 20:

May The Lord Answer You When You Are In Trouble.
    May The God Of Jacob Keep You Safe.
May He Send You Help From The Sacred Tent.
    May He Give You Aid From Zion.
May He Remember All Your Sacrifices.
    May He Accept Your Burnt Offerings.
May He Give You What Your Heart Wishes For.
    May He Make All Your Plans Succeed.
May We Shout For Joy Over Your Victory.
    May We Lift Up Our Flags In The Name Of Our God.
    May The Lord Give You Everything You Ask For.

Now I Know That The Lord Gives Victory To His Anointed King.
    He Answers Him From His Sacred Home In Heaven.
    The Power Of God’s Right Hand Gives Victory To The King.
Some Trust In Chariots. Some Trust In Horses.
    But We Trust In The Lord Our God.
They Are Brought To Their Knees And Fall Down.
    But We Get Up And Stand Firm.

Lord, Give Victory To The King!
    Answer Us When We Call Out To You!




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