Intrusive thoughts are powerful. Some are even outright bullies! Once you start to renew your way of thinking as a disciple of Jesus, you gain an incredible ally that is the Holy Spirit. The Spirit is with you in defeating lies, regrets and accusations that would otherwise destroy you.



2 Corinthians 10:

The Weapons We Fight With Are Not The Weapons Of The World. On The Contrary, They Have Divine Power To Demolish Strongholds. We Demolish Arguments And Every Pretension That Sets Itself Up Against The Knowledge Of God, And We Take Captive Every Thought To Make It Obedient To Christ.



Holy Spirit has God’s power to demolish longstanding thought patterns. It is fair to say that God battles against bad ideas and deceptive lies that are ruining your life. When our minds are informed by Jesus and Spirit-breathed teaching from Scripture, we are handed the other-worldly weapon that flattens the opposition.


A stronghold is a fortress. It is like a castle surrounded by stone walls that is impenetrable to its enemies. Think of your mind being a stronghold. You feel that your thoughts are your own and that they are safe inside you. You are a stronghold for your thoughts.


Stone by stone we have built walls around our thoughts to defend our position. We are convinced that we are in the right and need to defend ourselves. Even if our thoughts are selfish, arrogant or hurtful, we insist on keeping them. Only the Holy Spirit can dismantle and demolish the stronghold of our mind.


As we recognize that our thoughts are in oppositional defiance to the way of Jesus, we see God’s powerful way of freeing us from the stronghold of our mind. What we thought was our protection was actually our dungeon.


The stronghold thought will always lie to you and pretend to be your fortress. But a lie is still a lie and becomes our prison. We are trapped in our thoughts.


God wants to help you demolish arguments—thoughts that are actually opposed to God and hurting you. Every argument has a premise of being right but can cause you to act contemptuously toward God, yourself and others.


Once you have been able to identify these rogue thoughts and rebellious mindsets, God wants to give you a truth encounter. Nothing breaks the power of a lie like the light of truth.


There are pretentious thoughts that need to be obliterated. Pretense contains the idea of pretending to be something that you are not. It is the act and thoughts of a pretender.


God will help you pay attention to the contents of your mind. Then you will know what you are up against. Then you will know that you need a power greater than yourself to demolish your stronghold.


Your wild thoughts need a tamer. The bullying thoughts need to be resisted. You are invited into a new way of thinking that will free you from the mental torture that you have endured. It’s time to capture your thoughts and lead them on a journey of following Jesus.


We capture the thought and let God speak to it. Slowly our minds become obedient to Jesus.


That is how we are getting our better brains.



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