Many people think of God as a master, but he wants to be known by us in our intimate, human terms.  God uses metaphors to help us understand the potential of relationship and love that is available to us.  He refers to Himself as a father.  Sometimes He is the Bridegroom.  Sometimes He is the mother hen.  Sometimes He is the lover.  Through many picturesque words we get a sense of the relational qualities of God.



Hosea 2:

 16 “In That Day,” Declares The LORD, “You Will Call Me ‘My Husband’; You Will No Longer Call Me ‘My Master.’

 17 I Will Remove the Names of The Baals From Her Lips; No Longer Will Their Names Be Invoked.

  19 I Will Betroth You to Me Forever; I Will Betroth You in Righteousness and Justice, In Love and Compassion.

 20 I Will Betroth You in Faithfulness, And You Will Acknowledge The LORD.



It is God’s desire to see each person develop an intimate and personal relationship with Himself.  Instead of Gomer referring to Hosea as her master, she would refer to him as her husband.  She would not have a derogatory understanding of him but would experience the full dimension of their relationship.


Real intimacy is the best answer for the barriers of relationship.  In this case, Gomer spoke the language of Baal worship.  She would pray to her false God, but true spiritual satisfaction would remove the counterfeit.


An important part of the story is that relationships that have been polluted can be made clean again.  God told Hosea to take Gomer back and love her as his wife.  There was an opportunity for the awful history to be replaced with the original design and intent of marriage.



As you love and pray for someone that has no faith, remember that it is your job to love and pray.  There is a surrender that is required to stop meddling in their lives.  You need to let God be the one who hedges them in, frustrates them, shows them kindness and changes their heart.


Christian author Steve Arterburn said,


About yourself, be humble.
Toward the other person, be loving.
Toward the relationship between the two of you, be patient.
Humility, love, and patience. There is no mountain these three can’t move


I encourage you to rest in God’s love for you. Because you are accepted by God, you can love your family even with a broken heart.


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