NOTE: THIS ARTICLE is a reprint from the blog of reverend Kevin Rogers of New Song Church in Windsor, Ontario and is reproduced here for your convenience. You can visit the his blog called "The Orphan Age" HERE.


Retrospect is a wonderful thing. We can look back at the past and think about how wise or experienced we have become due to the things that have happened to us.


When the disciples sat with Christ that night to eat the Passover, Christ was asking them to remember. Remembering is usually something that you apply to your past. But he takes the meaning and wisdom of the happening and projects it forward. As often as you eat or drink, do this in remembrance.


Christ could have assembled them after his death, burial and resurrection; but instead he chose to set the stage before the events unfolded.


What can we learn from the timing of Christ’s words?


  • Remembering his broken body and spilled blood embraced the past. This was the Passover meal when the history of God’s deliverance was remembered. Christ was identifying himself with the Paschal Lamb, the unleavened bread and the Blood on the doorpost that promised deliverance from the death angel.

  • He was making a memory with his closest friends. It was first to them that he wanted to be remembered.  


  • He resolves the coming crisis. Before the difficult and inexplainable tragedy would affect them, he gives them an explanation. He does that with us, also.  Before we experience tragedy and difficulty, Christ lets us know that there is purpose and redemption with seeming failures.


  • He shows forgiveness for the sinful abandonment and the certainty of their return to faith. In the coming days, they would run and hide. Many would sin in their crazed, fearful condition. Yet, Christ knew that the day was coming when they would eat and drink together again. He knew that it would be often. And so in remembering back to the purpose of the Passover, they would be tied to Christ and remember it was about Him. He knows that we too, will sin again. He invites us to return often to this table and be reconciled in our remembrance.


Let’s eat and drink the emblems in remembrance of Christ’s sacrifice. Let’s examine our hearts and apply the blood of forgiveness to the doorposts of our lives.


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