Usually, prices are set according to what it cost to get an item to market plus a profit margin for the benefit of the seller. It’s a simple formula that guides billions of transactions. So, what if you went to the store to buy a loaf and bread and the cashier charged you $811.00? Or if you went to purchase a house and the agent said it will cost you $0.35?


We would immediately ask if they were sure about the price. We have a sense from other purchases and comparative values that certain things are expensive while others are inexpensive.


Now what happens if you take the valuation on life given to us by the world and compare it to the value that God places? Mary understands that there is a world of difference between the two.


Luke 1:
51 He Has Done Mighty Things With His Powerful Arm.
    He Has Scattered Those Who Are Proud In Their Deepest Thoughts.
52 He Has Brought Down Rulers From Their Thrones.
    But He Has Lifted Up People Who Are Not Considered Important.
53 He Has Filled With Good Things Those Who Are Hungry.
    But He Has Sent Away Empty Those Who Are Rich.
54 He Has Helped The People Of Israel, Who Serve Him.
    He Has Always Remembered To Be Kind
55 To Abraham And His Children Down Through The Years.
    He Has Done It Just As He Promised To Our People Of Long Ago.”



Israel expected that their God with his powerful arm would come as a warrior in strength. Their expectation of the strong-arm God was one that would wield a sword and be relentless in fighting enemies. But the strength of God seems to be more involved in lifting up the weak and the lost.



In the world that human pride built, God devalues the elite that hold the power and places a ridiculous price on what others consider insignificant.


Mary finds her trust for God is not conditional upon her circumstances. She appeals to the history of her people and finds that God has consistently care for and lifted up his people. Every time they have exaggerated egos and rebel, God’s strong arm removes them from power. This too, is God’s kindness.


Though God’s mercy is not often deserved, He remembers that his kindness is more powerful to effect change than the world’s idea of dominance.


In Mary’s response to God’s miracle, we find a repose that would benefit us greatly. Have you considered again the kindness of God that re-emerges into every generation? Will you respond to God’s love without fear or resentment? Will you see the blessing that has passed through time and multiple generations to reach us here today?




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