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What is the area of life that arrogance creeps into?  It would be easy for me to look at my ministry work and think of myself as a ‘self-made man’.  In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.  Any good that has come out of my life has come from the hand of God.  When I look at myself soberly, I see a guy who has too many faults and hang-ups to succeed at anything.  God has given me certain areas of authority and responsibility as a servant.  I did not make myself into anything.


How are you tempted to think of yourself arrogantly?  Maybe you feel like nothing now and look back to a time when you thought you were on top of the world.  Now you feel wore out and crazed by the way things have gone.


Move over Nebuchadnezzar!  There are some other cows that have been driven out of human company.  There are people who don’t know who they are anymore and have let themselves go. 


Again, I’m not talking to those who have a diagnosible illness and are being treated for it.  I’m talking to those who have a problem with pride and think they can live a self-centred life without consequence.


God opposes the proud and gives grace or shows favour to the humble.


How can you prevent this ‘mad-cow’ disease and stay in the realm of blessing? Here are four observations about what happened to the king and could happen to any of us.


Acting Humble Cannot Conceal Your Pride


Before the bad dream, Nebuchadnezzar talked about how great the High God was.  He publicly said the politically correct thing even though his heart was elsewhere. There is a politician hiding in most of us.  In fact, not so hidden.  Some of us know how to say all the right things and appear very spiritual and humble.


If you wear a mask of humility, it does not change the pride lurking beneath. Humility is not a mask, but it is a disposition of the heart.


The Pharisees were especially good at bragging about their humility, weren’t they?


Have some respect for God and don’t acknowledge Him unless you are prepared to bow before him from the heart. Do not acknowledge God to make yourself feel better or look right in the eyes of others.


God Will Cut You Down To Size


This enormous tree that covered everything and stretched everywhere was a picture of Nebuchadnezzar.  He not only thought of himself as great; the evidence was also convincing.  He really had worldly power and infamy. But that was not the best thing for the king.


God loved Nebuchadnezzar and wanted him to have a pure heart.


If God deals severely, it is with great purpose and leads to shaping your heart.

In the case of this king, God had to drive him mad to get him to return to sanity.

The king allowed his own sense of self-importance to blind him to his responsibilities with the poor and oppressed.  God gives power to bring about justice and mercy in the world and not to create political superstars and power-brokers.


God Makes Leaders From Losers


What have you lost in this world?  Your power?  Your reputation?  Your credibility?  Your money?


If God has his hand on your life, the things you lose will transform you into a leader. Whatever you lose willingly or unwillingly in following Christ will be given back to you in greater measure.


If you are in a season of loss, let God have His way with you.  Let Him teach you through these tough times about having character in your life. 


Or you can ‘moo’ and ‘bellow’ like a sick cow.  You get to choose the attitude that you will have towards loss and suffering.  Let God use this test to make you into a humble man or woman. 


God makes leaders out of losers. 


Look Up


Daniel 4:34-37

  At The End Of The Seven Years, I, Nebuchadnezzar, Looked To Heaven.  I Was Given My Mind Back And I Blessed The High God, Thanking And Glorifying God, Who Lives Forever.

  His Sovereign Rule Lasts And Lasts, His Kingdom Never Declines And Falls.  Life On This Earth Doesn’t Add Up To Much, But God’s Heavenly Army Keeps Everything Going.  No One Can Interrupt His Work, No One Can Call His Rule Into Question.

  At The Same Time That I Was Given Back My Mind, I Was Also Given Back My Majesty And Splendour, Making My Kingdom Shine.  All The Leaders And Important People Came Looking For Me.  I Was Re-Established As King In My Kingdom And Became Greater Than Ever.  And That’s Why I’m Singing – I, Nebuchadnezzar—Singing And Praising The King Of Heaven:

  Everything He Does Is Right, And He Does It In The Right Way.  He Knows How To Turn A Proud Person Into A Humble Man Or Woman.


Do you see what the king did?  He turned his eyes towards heaven when he came to the end of the horrible season of madness.  He fixed his eyes on God and saw how wonderful He is.


The cows keep looking down and munching on the grass, but kings look up to heaven.  Which way are you going to look in your trouble?


Look to the High God who wants to restore and bless you.




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