When we talk about developing the mind of Christ, some might hear the teaching and think that it’s just a matter of self-discipline and rejecting negative, faith-defeating ideas.


If I came a fitness gym and told people to do five more push-ups, run faster on the treadmill or add some more weight to their lift you would expect that the margin for growth is there and they would respond with enthusiasm.


When it comes to the renewing of our mind, that is sometimes another kind of therapeutic process. If you already have a reasonably healthy mind and way of thinking, it makes sense to make the adaptations. But what if you are not starting from a good place or are incapable of basic thought control? What if you are not able to focus your thoughts or process what you are being taught? What if you cannot add more mental weights on your bar or pick up your pace on the brain’s treadmill?


Sometimes people are afflicted in ways that severely limit thought control. Biological factors can cause a distortion of thought and leave the sufferer unable to self-regulate what is happening in their thought life. Some people have delusions of grandeur, thinking that they are larger than life.  Others have deeply depressed thoughts, thinking they are the lowest and the worst.


Jesus teaches a message of comfort, not correction for the oppressed, the poor and the suffering.


How then can people with reasonably healthy minds sometimes lose it and have a breakdown? Apart from biological factors, what effect does a person’s beliefs, traumatic events or even appetites for power, acceptance and infamy have on the well-being of one’s mind?



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