If we are to see God, it will be due to God revealing Himself, His Spirit to yours. You will finally comprehend what Jesus meant when he said that to see Him was to see His Father. It is Jesus who invites us to approach the Spirit Parent as ‘Our Father’.


Do you know that you were created by God to know Him? We are created with a sense of belonging to God. All other feelings in life have a thread that ties us back to our created purpose. Until we find God, we are alone and confused about our identity.


The discovery of our true Spirit Parent gives us a family context in which to make sense of who we are. The discovery of our brother Jesus gives us more than a big brother role model; Jesus and Holy Spirit come to find lost children and restore them to the Parent. The family is being restored into Creation.


The Genesis account of Creation points to a relationship that gets broken. God is separated from the Children, and comes looking for us kids. The broken realm of relationship must be restored and God spares nothing to bring us back home.


The Bible is an epic story of the Parent who travels time and space with His Son to find the lost children. God enters into a wounded, dysfunctional dimension and initiates a plan that will restore Creation to its former and future glory. The children are at the centre of the Parent’s quest.



It is a story, thousands of years in the making. The true worship of God is the story of that homecoming.




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