NOTE: THIS ARTICLE is a reprint from the blog of reverend Kevin Rogers of New Song Church in Windsor, Ontario and is reproduced here for your convenience. You can visit the his blog called "The Orphan Age" HERE.


What do you think of when you imagine the table of the Lord?


If you think about the observance of the Lord’s Table at New Song Church you are used to lining up and coming forward while worshipful songs are sung. In other churches, you sit while a tray is passed through the rows.


What we largely miss is the intimacy, flavour and friendship of being at a meal. How do you eat special meals? For some, a special meal requires sitting at the dining room table with fine china, napkins and cutlery. For others, it is fitting everyone in, some at the kitchen table, some at folding tables and some sitting on couches.


A special meal might mean going to a favourite restaurant where you sit together at a large table, but you really only connect with the ones immediately beside and across from you.


But what was a special meal in Jesus’ time like?


The homes of common people in the ancient Near East were furnished with a minimum of household furnishings. The people squatted, even while eating, a custom still practiced. Only those who lived in palaces and better houses were accustomed to chairs, tables, and beds. The eating tables must have been very low, as rugs were spread for sitting at table. Tables in NT times were taller, for reference is made to dogs eating crumbs under the table.


The NT custom, following Greek practice, was to recline around the outside of the table on couches.[1]



It was very comfortable. There were no hard, stiff chairs. Instead maximum comfort mixed with food and companionship.


At the Lord’s Table, you are invited to the comfortable place. It is a favourite place where you enjoy the savoury food, drink and company.


Jesus invites us to his comfort zone. His love language is delicious food and drink. Every time we experience comfort food and tasty beverages in the presence of love, we remember that Jesus loves.


Eat this bread and remember that I loved you so much that I surrendered my body to be broken. Drink this cup and remember that I poured out my love when I bled for you.

[1] Encyclopedia Of The Bible, ‘Table’


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