I have something to read to God today. It was written long ago and been shared widely.



Psalm 139:

How can I get away from your Spirit?
    Where can I go to escape from you?
If I go up to the heavens, you are there.
    If I lie down in the deepest parts of the earth, you are also there.
Suppose I were to rise with the sun in the east.
    Suppose I travel to the west where it sinks into the ocean.
10 Your hand would always be there to guide me.
    Your right hand would still be holding me close.



I am always reminded that Isaiah prophesied that a Son of God would be given to humanity, and his name would be Emmanuel. This is a potent Hebrew name meaning ‘God is with us.’


So many things that I have read in the Bible remind me that God has always been with us, and that we have always wrestled with that notion.




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