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Daniel 6:

So The Two Leaders And The Royal Rulers Went As A Group To The King. They Said, “King Darius, May You Live Forever! All The Royal Leaders, High Officials, Royal Rulers, Advisers And Governors Want To Make A Suggestion. We’ve Agreed That You Should Give An Order. And You Should Make Sure It’s Obeyed. Your Majesty, Here Is The Command You Should Make Your People Obey For The Next 30 Days. Don’t Let Any Of Your People Pray To Any God Or Human Being Except To You. If They Do, Throw Them Into The Lions’ Den. Now Give The Order. Write It Down In The Law Of The Medes And Persians. Then It Can’t Be Changed.” So King Darius Put The Order In Writing.

10 Daniel Found Out That The King Had Signed The Order. In Spite Of That, He Did Just As He Had Always Done Before. He Went Home To His Upstairs Room. Its Windows Opened Toward Jerusalem. He Went To His Room Three Times A Day To Pray. He Got Down On His Knees And Gave Thanks To His God. 11 Some Of The Other Royal Officials Went To Where Daniel Was Staying. They Saw Him Praying And Asking God For Help. 12 So They Went To The King. They Spoke To Him About His Royal Order. They Said, “Your Majesty, Didn’t You Sign An Official Order? It Said That For The Next 30 Days Your People Could Pray Only To You. They Could Not Pray To Anyone Else, Whether God Or Human Being. If They Did, They Would Be Thrown Into The Lions’ Den.”

The King Answered, “The Order Must Still Be Obeyed. It’s What The Law Of The Medes And Persians Requires. So It Can’t Be Changed.”

13 Then They Spoke To The King Again. They Said, “Daniel Is One Of The Prisoners From Judah. He Doesn’t Pay Any Attention To You, Your Majesty. He Doesn’t Obey The Order You Put In Writing. He Still Prays To His God Three Times A Day.” 14 When The King Heard This, He Was Very Upset. He Didn’t Want Daniel To Be Harmed In Any Way. Until Sunset, He Did Everything He Could To Save Him.

15 Then The Men Went As A Group To King Darius. They Said To Him, “Your Majesty, Remember That No Order Or Command You Give Can Be Changed. That’s What The Law Of The Medes And Persians Requires.”



There is no telling of how treacherous and foul-spirited people with something to gain will be. Out of envy and a malicious, competitive desire to better themselves, Daniel’s co-workers hatched the perfect plan to have him cancelled. Daniel had done nothing to hurt them or undermine them. It is likely that he was always fair-minded and considerate of these men, but that was not what they cared about.


Perhaps there was some racist view that fuelled their ambition. This Hebrew exile was not going to take their job promotion.


Once Daniel learned about the order, he quietly went home to do what was his faithful practice. He prayed three times a day. Those who conspired against him spied on him and reported him.


If God has been faithful to you, do not give up on faithful practices that you have always held. Sometimes a government will overstep and establish laws that interfere with the practices of faith. This incident was overt in its insistence that no-one should pray to any god for 30 days. If you needed help or an answer, you should direct it to the king.


What every government should know is that you cannot stop the prayers of God’s people. You cannot usurp and replace God for the people. History has repeatedly shown that this ends poorly.


I dare you to keep your faithful practices, not to defy anyone’s order but to stay true to whom you are.




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