There was a small village in Maine named Flagstaff.


The town was to be flooded, as part of a large lake for which a dam was being built. In the months before it was to be flooded, all improvements and repairs in the whole town were stopped. What was the use of painting a house if it were to be covered with water in six months? Why repair anything when the whole village was to be wiped out? So, week by week, the whole town became more and more bedraggled, more gone to seed, more woebegone.


Where there is no faith in the future, there is no power in the present.[1]


Your loved ones need a vision for the future that will motivate them to experience God’s  power in the present.


How does God lead any of us to the point of change? Paul told the Romans that it is the kindness of God that leads us to repentance. Through the living example of the prophet Hosea, God reveals his heart for the loved one in trouble.



Hosea 2:

14 “Therefore I Am Now Going to Allure Her; I Will Lead Her into The Desert and Speak Tenderly to Her.

15 There I Will Give Her Back Her Vineyards and Will Make the Valley of Achor a Door of Hope.  There She Will Sing as In the Days of Her Youth, As in The Day She Came Up Out of Egypt.



God’s plan is to bring people to a point where He can be intimate with them.  The preceding pain and frustration often result in a quiet, lonely place where they will be undisrupted.  God wants to speak tenderly to the one who has rejected or rebelled against Him.  He will work in their lives to bring them to a point where they can listen.



Verse 15 talks about the Valley of Achor becoming a door of hope.  Achor means trouble.  The transition that happens starts with God giving back something that the person needs.  As they experience the kindness and tenderness of God, their heart is softened and corrected.


Hosea’s wife begins to sing songs from her youth as she remembers her history and God’s involvement then.  Why do people lose the innocence and faith of childhood?  It is because they lose faith and hope of a better future.


As we pray for those who have no faith, let’s pray that they will come to a point beyond their frustrations where they can experience God’s kindness.  Kindness is the welcome mat of relationship.


[1] Halford E. Luccock, Unfinished Business

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