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Elsewhere in the New Testament
[1], we read about the body of believers coming to agreement as a community, to stay clear of certain practices that polarized them from each other. Commonly it was agreed that they should avoid sexual misconduct, food offered to idols and making circumcision mandatory for the men in the church.


Each of these areas raised eyebrows and blood pressure as one person’s freedom was grinding on the tender conscience of another.


Remember that Paul had grown strength in his conscience so that he was free to eat things and participate outside the strict legalism of Judaism, but also knew that his love for the brothers and sisters superseded his personal rights and freedoms. His conscience included the freedom to not major on what for him had become minor issues. He was free to participate, and he was free to refrain. His actions must now be chosen according to a patient love for those that were more conservative in their views.


Romans 14:

16 So Suppose You Know Something Is Good. Then Don’t Let It Be Spoken Of As If It Were Evil. 17 God’s Kingdom Is Not About Eating Or Drinking. It Is About Doing What Is Right And Having Peace And Joy. All This Comes Through The Holy Spirit. 18 Those Who Serve Christ In This Way Are Pleasing To God. They Are Pleasing To People Too.

19 So Let Us Do All We Can To Live In Peace. And Let Us Work Hard To Build Up One Another. 20 Don’t Destroy The Work Of God Because Of Food. All Food Is “Clean.” But It’s Wrong To Eat Anything That Might Cause Problems For Someone Else’s Faith. 21 Don’t Eat Meat If It Causes Your Brother Or Sister To Sin. Don’t Drink Wine Or Do Anything Else That Will Make Them Sin.



When we reduce the expansive, multi-dimensional and eternal Kingdom of God into a legalistic system, we lose the capacity for real peace and joy. The ones that fight most fiercely for reform are often consumed by the losing battle in their conscience. Likewise, the ones that fight most fiercely for removing restraints, are driven by their opposition to legalism. They too, will find that conscience does not supply the peace and joy that they need. The Kingdom of God is all about doing right by one another in ways that establish the Shalom of God.



[1] Acts 15:1-21


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