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His mother Mary may have been a widow by this time as Joseph is never mentioned in the ministry years of Jesus.

As the eldest son, it would be his responsibility to care for his mother and the family. Here on the cross, Jesus is thinking about family and what it means to love God when you care for widows and orphans.


John 19:

25 Jesus’ Mother Stood Near His Cross. So Did His Mother’s Sister, Mary The Wife Of Clopas, And Mary Magdalene. 26 Jesus Saw His Mother There. He Also Saw The Disciple He Loved Standing Nearby. Jesus Said To His Mother, “Dear Woman, Here Is Your Son.” 27 He Said To The Disciple, “Here Is Your Mother.” From That Time On, The Disciple Took Her Into His Home.


It wasn’t just the widowed mother that needed to be cared for. Mary also needed Jesus’ friend John to be in her life, perhaps reminding her that her ministry as a mother would continue and that she would have the support needed to keep going.


As we come to the Lord’s Table, we are called to remember the broken body and shed blood on the Cross. We also remember the words that accompanied his ultimate sacrifice.


At the table of the Lord, what widows and orphans have been adopted to your table? How have you extended the family table in your life?


As we eat in honour of his broken body, we remember that bread can be broken and shared. We show the hospitality of God’s table by inviting others to share in our lives.


As we drink in honour of his shed blood, we remember that the wine is meant to be shared at the master’s table. We drink and remember how Jesus brought us to his Father’s table.


Mary had a lifetime of memories of her son Jesus. God had spoken to her family more than once and she remembered her baby son.



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