Sometimes people that have grown up in a suppressed environment are taught that it’s a waste of time to dream or imagine yourself in a better situation. Imagination for some Christian people is suspect. They think that all imagination is inherently vain and leads people astray. They are worried about misappropriating faith and engaging in some new age visualization techniques.

Real faith, though embraces imagination as its servant, not its guide.

What if imagination instead is a manifestation of being made in the ‘image of God’? What if it is God that put imagination inside your mind to help you be creative and to more fully engage your whole being in worship, study, work and loving relationships?

Your imagination is a gift that can help in your spiritual formation. Imagination is not unrealistic fantasy, but a view of how things can be. 


Philippians 4:

Always Be Joyful Because You Belong To The Lord. I Will Say It Again. Be Joyful! Let Everyone Know How Gentle You Are. The Lord Is Coming Soon. Don’t Worry About Anything. No Matter What Happens, Tell God About Everything. Ask And Pray, And Give Thanks To Him. Then God’s Peace Will Watch Over Your Hearts And Your Minds. He Will Do This Because You Belong To Christ Jesus. God’s Peace Can Never Be Completely Understood.

Finally, My Brothers And Sisters, Always Think About What Is True. Think About What Is Noble, Right And Pure. Think About What Is Lovely And Worthy Of Respect. If Anything Is Excellent Or Worthy Of Praise, Think About Those Kinds Of Things. Do What You Have Learned Or Received Or Heard From Me. Follow My Example. The God Who Gives Peace Will Be With You.


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