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A Supplement To Minimize Spike Proteins And Effects Of Shedding

Best defense against spike protein and spike protein shedding


In another post I wrote about how to protect yourself from the spike protein, I wrote about a protocol that Dr Bryan Ardis had developed to prep your body if you were going to have to get the dreaded shot. That post generated a lot of attention.

But now that most have gotten it, there is another, more pressing need: for most now, the need is "how to protect yourself from spike proteins," whether from what you've had put into you or what you might pick up from others in the course of "shedding." (More on that in a little bit.)

Your approach (according to the experts) to how to prep, or fight, or take supplements seems to depend on where you are in the process of dealing with spike proteins.

Standard Disclaimer: I am not a doctor

I am neither a doctor nor the son of a doctor. I have medical professionals in the family and I have my share of experience with both typical western medicine and natural approaches to health and healing.

But I only do research and present my findings.

Always check with your health practitioner or the medical people in charge of your care before embarking on any kind of a medical program or treatment, or before using any supplement.

But look at my findings for information to consider with your medical professional. It's just there for you to consider. You should always make informed decisions.

Here are the different considerations.

According to the medical experts I have come to trust over the last few years (I'm not a medical professional; I just do a lot of research) there are several things to consider when dealing with this whole problem of the vaccines and the whole approach from the mainstream medical community.

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If you're prepping ahead of getting one of the shots or boosters

If you're in the "pre" stage, then according to doctors like Dr. Bryan Ardis, you'll want to do a specific protocol of supplementation prior to getting the shot. It gives your body the best nutritional supplementation to help minimize the negative side-effects. 

In short, his protocol consists of supplements both before and after the shot of Selenium, Magnesium and rather large doses of Vitamin C. You can read more about that protocol HERE

If you've already had Covid or already had the shots or boosters and want to protect yourself from spike proteins

There are a group of doctors who historically seem to have had the best understanding of where all this vaccination program was going and where it might actually end up, due to the whole problem of "a day late and a buck short." Among them are Dr. Peter McCollough, Dr. Geert Vandenbosch, Dr. Ryan Cole and others.

According to these doctors, the best natural supplements that will help the body to minimize long term effects are these:
  • Nattokinase - from fermented soybeans. Research shows it assists the body's natural ability to deal with blood clots and dissolve spike proteins.[1]
  • Dandelion root - research shows that dandelion root can assist your body's biochemistry to prevent spike protein from binding to your cells.[2]
  • Selenium - helps reduce stress, aiding in helping the body repair itself and recover. (This is also one of the prep ingredients Dr. Bryan Ardis recommends in prepping for the shot if you have to get it.)[3]
  • Black sativa extract - may facilitate cellular repair.[4]
  • Green tea extract - research has shown it is a great anti-oxidant and is good for scavenging for free radicals.[5]
  • Irish sea moss - mineral-rich and can help rebuild damaged tissue and muscle.[6]
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These supplements have demonstrated some wonderful health benefits in keeping your system normal after exposure to spike proteins.

But the thing is if you're trying to get all these supplements in one fell swoop, it can be costly.

Solution: Spike Support

There is a fantastic (and fairly new) supplement manufacturer out there called "The Wellness Company" started by none other than people like Dr. Peter McCollough (world famous and highly published caridologist) and Dr. Harvey Risch (renowned epidemiologist).

Their mission, from their website:

By unequivocally and unapologetically standing up for medical freedom and the right to affordable health care, our company’s vision champions the right to make one’s own choices for their body.

We strive to build a new health care system that earns people’s trust, governed and operated with transparency, and offering the highest quality practitioners who align at their core with our fundamental belief – to put the patient first.

"Spike Support" is a formula developed specifically to compliment the natural processes your body is trying to take to deal with the spike proteins that may be in your body, from any cause: whether from the vaccine, from covid, from shedding from others.

Spike Support Helps to deal with spike proteins

The advantage of this product is that the amounts and proportions of these different components in this formula are optimized for the specific task of equipping your body to deal with the effects of the spike proteins, whether from the vaccine, or from covid, or from shedding from others.

Look at this list of ingredients:

Spike Support List Of Ingredients

If you're concerned about shedding

If you're concerned about shedding, then according to doctors like Dr. Peter McCollough, the protocol for keeping yourself safe from the effects of the spike proteins is pretty much the same as you would follow above.

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The only reason I mention it as a "separate category" is that many people are concerned about being exposed to these spike proteins from shedding that occurs with being exposed to others.

Whether you realize it or not, shedding is a thing and always has been. It's apparently partly how viruses spread, mutate and eventually die out of any population.

So, the protocol really is the same. I just wanted to mention it separately here in case anyone had the idea it needs to be some distinctly different treatment. Apparently, this is not the case.

Get Spike Support HERE. Use the code word "COGNY" for an additional 10% off your purchase price.



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