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NAD Helps Restore Age-Related Muscle Loss

NAD supplements can help restore age-related muscle loss


NAD+ can help restore muscle loss due to aging

We all know we need to exercise. But we don't always do what we need to do,

The problem is that if you don't, you have an increased risk of developing a debilitating condition called sarcopenia. That is muscle loss that comes with age.

Exercise can help. But NAD supplements can also help maintain muscle mass and function.

Here's the deal.

  • Your cells tend to have a breakdown in the reproductive process as you age (your mitochondria tend to malfunction. Heard of those?)
  • NAD+ is a naturally-occurring substance in your body that is produced, consumed and rebuilt in your cells.
  • studies have shown that NAD+ boosting molecules such as NR ("nicotinamide riboside"), NMN ("nicotinamide mononucleotide"), vitamin B3 and niacin all help your body do this better.

According to Dr. Mercola, of all these supplements, "NMN appears to be the best, as it activates the NAD+ salvage pathway and is a direct precursor to NAD+." 

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Is an NAD+ supplement the best way to boost your NAD+?

The short answer is NO. Although your cells need lots of NAD+, the problem is that the NAD molecule has to be built inside the cell. As it turns out, taking an NAD supplement is a very inefficient way of supplementing your NAD levels. Why is that?

The problem is an NAD supplement won't get into your cells directly.

You see, the NAD molecule doesn't "fit" through the openings in your cell walls. So if you take an NAD+ supplement, your body has to break it down into other things (like NMN) and then rebuild it inside the cell, from NMN to turn it back into NAD+. 

NAD cannot get into the cell. Your cell needs NMN that is turned into NAD inside the cell.

If you take an NAD supplement, it doesn't penetrate your cells where they can use it. Your body has to take that NAD and "break it down" into smaller parts that then (sort of) get back to your cells and then get turned back into NAD inside the cell.

So, you don't want an NAD+ supplement. What you really want is a NMN supplement.

NMN is a "precursor" to NAD+. That is, NMN is an essential component your body uses to make NAD inside your cells.

So the trick is to take an NMN supplement to allow your body to assemble the NAD inside your cells. It's the better supplement. It's the better way to supplement NAD.

The problem is that if you take a typical NMN, some of it gets broken down by your digestive tract. 

Although NMN is the better supplement, some of it doesn't make it past your stomach into your gut where your body can best absorb it.

But there is one manufacturer out there that has figured out a way around this problem.

The solution is "Liposomal NMN."

What is "Liposomal NMN?" It's actually a brand name for an NMN supplement that has been uniquely designed to deliver NMN in a way your body can absorb it.

NMN is a naturally occurring substance. And these guys have found a way to package the NMN in a "liposome."

A "liposome" small "casing" of sorts that protects the NMN from your digestive tract so your body can absorb all of it out of your digestive tract, after it passes the stomach and the stomach acids, so your body can absorb it.

I take Liposomal NMN, and I notice a difference.

I've been taking it for just a little while, now, but I'm already noticing a difference. 

I'm finding I have more energy and less "crashing" through the day.

This stuff seems to actually be helping in that area. I'm taking NMN along with resveratrol and the combination seems to be having some positive results for me. (You can see an article I wrote here that talks about resveratrol, quercetin and NMN and how the medical experts talk about how they work symbiotically.)

But doctor David Sinclair who pioneered the research in this stuff at Harvard, has done extensive work regarding this stuff. The benefits of NMN include:

  • feel younger and more energetic
  • maintain muscle mass as you age
  • protect brain health
  • helps with heart health and circulation
  • studies show it may help the body resist diseases like cancer

I'm not a doctor nor the son of a doctor. And you should always consult a medical professional about any supplements you plan on taking. I'm only relaying my personal experience here, as something you should research and follow your own conclusions with your doctor.

I believe Liposomal NMN is the best and most "bioavailable" NMN supplement on the market.

There are a number of NMN supplements out there. But the trick is not just "how many mg of NMN you're getting." It has to be "how many mg of NMN you actually ABSORB so your body can use it."

That's the difference. "Bioavailability" means "your body can actually USE the stuff." Other NMN supplements might give you more NMN, but without the liposomal coating, most of it gets broken down by your stomach acid.

Liposomal NMN is able to get past your stomach into your digestive tract where you can ABSORB it.

And that is the biggest benefit of THIS brand. It's the one that ends up giving you the best bang for the buck!

So, what does it cost?

 For what you actually get, it's pretty reasonable. A two month's supply is $69.95 USD. That's just a little more than a buck a day.

Of course, the more you buy at a time, the cheaper it is. A one year supply is $349.95 USD. That's about 95 cents a day to feel better, to maintain youth and vitality, to win the battle against aging.

You can check it out here, risk free. And with all products from this company, it comes with a 67-day money-back guarantee.

Check it out. Click HERE to learn more.

Liposomal NMN and where to get it

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