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Barbara O’Neill (Natural Healer) Is Under Fire, And You Can Help

Barbara O'Neill is under fire and needs your help


I don't know if you're familiar with Barbara O'Neill or not. She's in the medical field and comes with a lot of controversy because of her positions on the pharmaceutical industry.

And right now, Barbara O'Neill needs your help.

You see, there is big money to be made in the pharmaceutical industry. If you've not lived under a rock for the last few years, you can see the apparent path of death and destruction that has followed in the wake of the "waxxines" and the resultant myocarditis, blood clotting and the like.

But it appears she is a target. More on that in a bit. But first, if you haven't heard this lady, you need to know about her and you need to follow her.

For a good primer on her approach to health and healing, check out this video.

Barbara O'Neill speaks about the true cause of disease

So why is Barbara O'Neill under fire? Why is she on the establishment's radar?

Well, it seems she has somehow (surprise) run counter to big pharma. According to a petition at change.org

the HCCC prohibiting her to practice or speak, following false allegations from 2 people involved in a political difference with Barbara's husband Michael O'Neill, for his involvement in a party that opposes compulsory medication.  At least one of those making the allegations is an active member of the Australian Skeptics and the Friends of Science in Medicine, two organisations that use bullying and vilification extensively, and they are using the HCCC complaint process to punish or eliminate an opponent that has a differing ideology.  Barbara has never advised these people, or had personal contact with them - it is purely a bullying tactic.
The complaint uses broad terms and makes sweeping allegations that are merely theorising, and not in a single instance produces any harm or danger from any person that has been advised, treated, or had connections with Barbara and Misty Mountain Health Retreat.

So there you have it. Dirty politics and big pharma money have struck again. 

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I'm not a particular fan of change.org.

But my frustration with the organization is more to do with what they do and don't allow on their site in general. And in spite of that, I evaluate the petitions as they come.

But I am a fan of natural medicine.

I've written elsewhere on this site about natural remedies and natural healing, and some of the alternative treatments that are out there that your doctor probably wants nothing to do with.

And I have some kids, and one of them is making tremendous strides in helping people reverse diseases that the pharmaceutical industry says are irreversible. And he is becoming a target of the establishment. But he's a brave one and he won't be silenced.

In spite of my frustrations with much of change.org, they do have good petitions, sometimes. And this one, I think, is a good one.

Click HERE to see the petition to take a stand and make a case for this woman to be heard. 

As much as the big legal drug kings lied to us when they said, "we're not safe until everyone is vaccinated," there is a truth in their lie: that truth is that there is power in numbers.

On this one, you can help. 

For more info on Barbara O'Neill, find out more about her here.

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