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Your Tax Dollars Are Bankrolling the Border Madness


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Reprinted from Sara Carter's news page.

Pride Month starts today and you will see celebrations of it almost everywhere. Schools, businesses, politicians, celebrities, and many other parts of our society will be enthusiastically cheering along. But many of us have seen where this movement is turning and how our children are now the targets for messages and images that are completely inappropriate, and sowing confusion about sex and their bodies. They even encourage kids and impressionable young adults to choose a different gender and radically and permanently alter their bodies if they feel uncomfortable with their biological sex.

But what can parents do to protect our kids from the cultural tidal wave? And can we still expect to raise our kids with Biblical truth and common sense morality in today’s society? Sara welcomes actor, producer, director and evangelist Kirk Cameron, who is also author of the new book “Pride Comes Before the Fall” to discuss all of this and more.

Sara and Kirk discuss how America got so far off course and what will happen if we don’t return to our Judeo-Christian roots. They also cover how the global ESG movement is driving so much of this incessant messaging, and they examine how Christian humility and a servant’s attitude stand in stark contrast to the celebration of pride. Finally, Kirk explains how the path back to sanity in this nation starts in each of our homes, modeling truth in our own lives, and instilling it in our kids.

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