The Dirty Secret of the DTP vaccines for babies, pregnant women and adults

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Written by Meryl Nass MD

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Below is a chart I made in 2012 after I compared all the labels (package inserts, the legal documents telling us what we need to know about each drug and vaccine) for the DTaP (for 2 month through 6 year olds) and TdaP vaccines, which use the same ingredients for adults, kids aged 12 and up, and pregnant women.

I showed this chart on CHD’s Roundtable program 2 days ago.

There were 4 licensed DPT vaccines in the US—2 for little kids and 2 for everyone else. Boostrix and Infanrix (the brand names for the adult and baby versions) were made by GSK (the rix at the end stands for Rixensart, Belgium where there is a manufacturing facility owned by GSK).

Adacel and Daptacel were made by Sanofi.

Now, compare the amounts of toxoids given to babies versus adults. Babies get twice the tetanus toxoid as an adult that might weigh 10-20 times more from the GSK vaccines for diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus.

Babies get 10 times the diphtheria toxoid dose as adults in the GSK shots. Babies get 3 times the pertussis toxoid, the FHA (filamentous hemaglutinin) and the pertactin as adults from the GSK shots.

Sanofi’s shots gives babies two times the tetanus toxoid, 7.5 times the diphtheria toxoid, and 4 times the pertussis toxoid as adults.

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Would adults tolerate the large doses we give to babies? Would someone please explain these dosing choices?

And how could I forget? The DTP vaccines recommended by CDC during every single pregnancy were never approved by FDA for pregnancy.

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