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NOTE: THIS ARTICLE is a reprint from the blog of reverend Kevin Rogers of New Song Church in Windsor, Ontario and is reproduced here for your convenience. You can visit the his blog called "The Orphan Age" HERE.

When I was in Grade four and being bullied on my way home
from school or as a young adult in the workplace, I learned to stand my ground
until I was overpowered or outnumbered. Then, I learned to cower and retreat.


When Moses sent twelves spies into the Promised Land to
bring back reports, over 90 percent of them were intimidated and said they felt
like grasshoppers before these giants. God had promised to give the land to
them, but only Caleb recommended facing the giants and the walled cities.


The others assumed God had brought them here to be destroyed
by enemies. Why did Caleb and Joshua find favour with God and receive an
inheritance? It was because they trusted in God’s promise and were willing to
face the challenge.


In the challenges of our day, it is essential that we follow
Jesus into the battle. It is a spiritual battle that wants to mortally injure
our heart and minds. Only the fear of the Lord can help us to stand tall on the


Because David feared the Lord, he could stand against the
odds of Goliath’s defeat. Only the fear of the Lord could give him the
assurance that five smooth stones were enough. Only the fear of the Lord could
help him to reject wearing Saul’s oversized armour and use Goliath’s sword to
finish the battle.


Child of God, what exactly are you afraid of? Who has
intimidated you and made you feel ashamed for not being compliant with the
bully’s taunts? You are facing an inevitable battle against some very sinister
ideas and those that enforce them.


I am not Rob Roy, and I cannot inspire you to a war against
other people. But I can implore you to be filled with God’s Spirit and to stand
tall with your shoulders braced.


We are equipped for the war that is before us. Evil days
will always come, but you trust in God.



Ephesians 6:

10 Finally,
Let The Lord Make You Strong. Depend On His Mighty Power. 11 Put
On All Of God’s Armor. Then You Can Remain Strong Against The Devil’s Evil
Plans. 12 Our Fight Is Not Against Human Beings. It Is Against
The Rulers, The Authorities And The Powers Of This Dark World. It Is Against
The Spiritual Forces Of Evil In The Heavenly World. 13 So Put
On All Of God’s Armor. Evil Days Will Come. But You Will Be Able To Stand Up To
Anything. And After You Have Done Everything You Can, You Will Still Be



In the 1800’s, a Presbyterian pastor named George Duffield had
an Episcopalian pastor friend named Dudley Atkins Tyng that lost his place of
ministry for speaking out against slavery. Duffield and Tyng were part of a
revival movement in Pennsylvania.


When Tyng was injured in a farming accident and would die a
few days later, his parting words to his father were, ‘Tell my brethren of
the ministry, wherever you meet them, to stand up for Jesus.


George Duffield took those words to heart and wrote the hymn
Stand Up, Stand Up For Jesus’.


Up! Stand Up For Jesus!

Soldiers Of The Cross.

High His Royal Banner,

Must Not Suffer Loss.

From Victory
Unto Victory

Army He Shall Lead,

Till Every
Foe Is Vanquished

Christ Is Lord Indeed.


Up! Stand Up For Jesus!

Trumpet Call Obey,

To The Mighty Conflict

This His Glorious Day.

That Are Men Now Serve Him

Unnumbered Foes:

Courage Rise With Danger,

Strength To Strength Oppose.


Up! Stand Up For Jesus!

In His Strength Alone.

Arm Of Flesh Will Fail You

Ye Dare
Not Trust Your Own

Put On
The Gospel Armour,

Piece Put On With Prayer.

Duty Calls Or Danger

Never Wanting There!


Up! Stand Up For Jesus!

Strife Will Not Be Long.

Day The Noise Of Battle,

Next The Victor’s Song.

To Him
That Overcometh

Crown Of Life Shall Be.

With The King Of Glory

Reign Eternally


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