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Sara Carter joins ‘Hannity’ to discuss Biden administration’s border failures


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Reprinted from Sara Carter's news page.

Susan Rice, President Biden’s top domestic policy adviser, is stepping down from her post next month, according to multiple reports.

Rice, charged with the Domestic Policy Council, and a controversial figure in the Biden White House, spent her tenure directing the Biden Administration on national policy issues that have been widely criticized by both the GOP and many independents. The Biden admins immigration policy has been one of those major issues that has plagued the White House over Biden’s tenure.

While Rice has been advising and directing policy under Biden, legislative actions on health care, student loans, policing, and stringent gun control policies have exposed a progressive agenda by one of the most leftist-Democratic administration’s in U.S. history. She was on Biden’s short-list for possible vice presidential candidates and considering how Vice President Kamala Harris is doing, this columnist is certain that many in the Biden Administration would have rather that has been the case.

According to reports from the White House, Rice’s last day will be May 26, as reported by NBC news.

 Although Rice worked under Obama and Clinton administrations as an expert on Foreign Policy, she had no experience in domestic policy issues.  She was responsible for the creation of the Domestic Policy Council, a group that brought in policy experts to deal with domestic challenges.

I’m certain that the Biden Administration will pick another extreme progressive to replace her during Biden’s last year of his first term and before the 2024 presidential elections. The question is, why is she ending her tenure now? Is there something in the works for Rice? I sure think so.

We will continue to follow this new developing story. Stay tuned.

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