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San Francisco’s high crime forces Whole Foods downtown location to close after just one year


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Reprinted from Sara Carter's news page.

San Francisco liberals won’t be able to enjoy their overpriced grocery store Whole Foods due to the policies of their elected Democratic leaders. The downtown San Francisco Whole Foods market is being forced to close after only one year of existence due to its experienced high crime.

A City Hall source told The Standard the company cited deteriorating street conditions around drug use and crime near the grocery store as a reason for its closure. Matt Dorsey, member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors for District 6, tweeted a chain of thoughts on the closing.

“Our neighborhood waited a long time for this supermarket, but we’re also well aware of problems they’ve experienced with drug-related retail theft, adjacent drug markets, and the many safety issues related to them” Dorsey wrote.

“Whole Foods’ closure — together with many other safety-related challenges we’ve seen recently — is Exhibit A as to why San Francisco can no longer afford NOT to solve our police understaffing crisis” he continued.

Dorsey concluded: “San Franciscans — or at least the ones I represent in District 6 — are demanding solutions, and they have a right to expect that from those of us in City Hall. I hope my colleagues will support this effort. We owe our residents nothing less.”

The Standard reports:

Dorsey announced he will introduce new legislation with Supervisor Catherine Stefani to amend the City Charter and get the Police Department fully staffed within five years.

Earlier this month, The Standard reported that the department was down 335 officers since 2017 and its staffing level of 1,537 officers fell well short of its goal of having 2,100 members on the force.


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