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Red Flag #3 – The Embittered Wannabee


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NOTE: THIS ARTICLE is a reprint from the blog of reverend Kevin Rogers of New Song Church in Windsor, Ontario and is reproduced here for your convenience. You can visit the his blog called "The Orphan Age" HERE.


The Embittered Wannabe is a strange creature with large
colourful tail feathers like a peacock. They have the ability to make
themselves appear larger and more powerful than the scrawny bird they actually
are but lack the structural integrity to fly. You will often find them seeking
out habitats where less noticeable birds of flight are brooding over eggs. The
embittered wannabe parades around with its tail fully erect and tries to nudge
the other birds off of their nests. The Wannabe wants to be followed by the
birds and gain access to an egg breakfast.


Be on the lookout for people that puff themselves up as
being more powerful than others in the things of God. A true man or woman of
God will carefully guard over the life formation of emerging disciples and wait
on God for spiritual empowerment.


Acts 8:

A Man
Named Simon Lived In The City. For Quite A While He Had Practiced Evil Magic
There. He Amazed All The People Of Samaria. He Claimed To Be Someone Great. 10 And
All The People Listened To Him, From The Least Important Of Them To The Most
Important. They Exclaimed, “It Is Right To Call This Man The Great Power Of
God!” 11 He Had Amazed Them For A Long Time With His Evil
Magic. So They Followed Him. 12 But Philip Announced The Good
News Of God’s Kingdom And The Name Of Jesus Christ. So Men And Women Believed
And Were Baptized. 13 Simon Himself Believed And Was Baptized.
He Followed Philip Everywhere. He Was Amazed By The Great Signs And Miracles He

14 The
Apostles In Jerusalem Heard That People In Samaria Had Accepted God’s Word. So
They Sent Peter And John To Samaria. 15 When They Arrived
There, They Prayed For The New Believers. They Prayed That They Would Receive
The Holy Spirit. 16 The Holy Spirit Had Not Yet Come On Any Of
Them. They Had Only Been Baptized In The Name Of The Lord Jesus. 17 Then
Peter And John Placed Their Hands On Them. And They Received The Holy Spirit.

18 Simon
Watched As The Apostles Placed Their Hands On Them. He Saw That The Spirit Was
Given To Them. So He Offered Money To Peter And John. 19 He
Said, “Give Me This Power Too. Then Everyone I Place My Hands On Will Receive
The Holy Spirit.”

20 Peter
Answered, “May Your Money Be Destroyed With You! Do You Think You Can Buy God’s
Gift With Money? 21 You Have No Part Or Share In This Holy
Work. Your Heart Is Not Right With God. 22 Turn Away From This
Evil Sin Of Yours. Pray To The Lord. Perhaps He Will Forgive You For Having
Such A Thought In Your Heart. 23 I See That You Are Very
Bitter. You Are A Prisoner Of Sin.”

24 Then
Simon Answered, “Pray To The Lord For Me. Pray That Nothing You Have Said Will
Happen To Me.”



Simon’s problem was that he had a root of bitterness in his
life. Perhaps the loss of followers to Jesus made him feel less powerful.
Perhaps he had experiences in life that left him feeling that his worth
depended on making a larger-than-life presentation. Maybe pride had consumed
him. At any rate, he disrespected God by wanting to buy and manipulate others
to give real power over to him.


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