MYSTERY: Texas cows found mutilated with tongues surgically removed

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The world just got a little weirder after numerous cattle in Texas were discovered dead in three different counties with their tongues surgically removed.


The cause of death of the six cows discovered is still unknown, according to the Madison County sheriff’s office. The Sheriffs office said that each cattle belonged to a different heard and were found all in different pastures. According to reports, five of the grass grazing beasts were adults and only one was a yearling.

It wasn’t enough to just remove the tongue of two of the cattle for whatever monster committed this act, it also removed the genitalia and anuses with a circular cut. The sheriff’s office noted that the circular cut was made with the “same precision as the cuts noted around the jaw lines of each cow,” according to officials.


Photography by Bryan Riel

After authorities were alerted of the first deceased beast – a 6 year-old longhorn-cross cow –  investigators soon discovered the other five animals.

If this case wasn’t mysterious enough, there were appeared to be absolutely zero signs of struggle with the cattle, the grass in the area where the cattle was discovered was undisturbed, and there were no footprints or tracks from the tread of a tire at the scene.



“Ranchers also reported that no predators or birds would scavenge the remains of the cow, leaving it to decay untouched for several weeks,” according to the sheriff’s office.

This is not the first time that the United States has had incidents like this occur. Just between April and October of 1975, there were roughly 200 cases of cattle mutilation in just the state of Colorado alone, according to the History Channel. These cases of bovine mutilation were eerily similar to those that just occurred in which the gentle giants were left with their carcasses drained and their ears, eyes, anuses, udders, genitalia, and tongues all removed with precision blade work.


Photography by Bryan Riel

Furthermore a New Mexico state police officer, Gabe Valdez, investigated many cases of cattle mutilation throughout the years until his death in 2011. In one case from 1976, Valdez came upon evidence that a triangular shaped vehicle/object of some sort landed in a field in where, tripod’s exited the the object and followed a cow for nearly 600 feet until the animal dropped dead and the tripods carried onto mutilate the cow. In the case just as the mutilations in Colorado and now Texas, the genitalia and anuses were also removed.

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Ufo’s? Maybe a secret government project? Cults? To this day there have been many theories to the mutilations of these animals but none seem to hold strong and no answer has held enough weight to definitively know the cause and purpose for these deaths.

With the increased ufo activity seen across the globe recently, it would be ignorant to leave out the possibility that this might be something much larger then our understanding of the current world.

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