Mind Viruses and their Vectors


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Written by Robert W Malone MD, MS

As a community of independent thinkers, those who choose to follow the Substack titled “Who is Robert Malone” (a nod to “John Galt”) have generally been more aware (awake?) than the average citizen concerning the deployment of propaganda and military grade Psy-Ops during the COVIDcrisis.

This propaganda has been actively spread by an amazingly diverse and coordinated global cast, apparently justified by the logic of Plato’s Noble Lie; in other words, a myth or a lie which is knowingly propagated by an elite to maintain social harmony.

Just to re-cap, the Noble Lie is a concept attributed to Socrates and discussed in Book III of Plato’s “The Republic”, which holds that the use of noble lies by the ruling caste is necessary to uphold social cohesion within an ideal society (The Republic).

In many ways, this is the root of the internal justification employed by the various bureaucrat/administrative state actors that have authorized and funded (using taxpayer funds) the fearporn and pro-vax propaganda campaigns.

Few recognize that the Noble Lie is one component of a core Platonic myth designed to justify a permanent class system, with the allegory of the cave being another. Both are derived from the Myth of Three Metals.

The Three Metals myth posits that Mother Nature invented all human beings and mixed different metals—gold, silver, bronze or iron—into their characters. This is basically Plato’s justification for a permanent social caste structure of rulers (overlords) and ruled.

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Rulers have gold in their characters, workers have iron, and so on for all different classes and professions. Plato posits that this myth will make it easier to rule an ideal republic since 1) everyone will think that their social class is an extension of their inner character, and 2) everyone will know they have a common mother so they will treat each other peacefully.

In such an “ideal” republic, inspired wise philosopher-kings, with characters of gold, will rule in a benevolent manner (noblesse oblige) and will lie to the ruled when necessary to maintain social order and the natural social structure (based on one’s metal content, or “mettle”).

In short, based on these assimulated social theories which trace to antiquity, we were all lied to throughout the COVIDcrisis BECAUSE the ruling caste was philosophically justified in doing so.

Otherwise, allowing free speech would jeopardize the social structure by causing hesitancy or concerns about the governmental and WHO public health policies (including mandated reliance on an experimental vaccine). And our Golden overlords were justified in doing so because their very characters are fashioned from gold, while ours contain silver, bronze or iron.

Bluntly, the Platonic thesis is that propaganda emanating from the ruling caste is necessary and required to maintain social order. In the 21st century, the term “propaganda” has become curiously quaint and anachronistic as the associated underpinning psychologic science and technology have advanced.

Terms more accurately reflecting the current state-of-the-art include fifth generation warfare, nudge theory, psy-ops, and the censorship-industrial complex.

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As the COVIDcrisis winds down, and the roaches responsible for the horrid public policy decisions have all scurried into various cracks and crevices to hide from the light of day, we are left with two fundamental questions. “Will there be any real accountability commensurate with the needle and the damage done?” And “What will they do to us next?”

My point of view on the first is that it is highly unlikely that anything more than some token sacrifice to the gods of public opinion will happen, if even that.

On the second, batten down the hatches, cuz thar will be years if not decades of stormy seas ahead consequent to the decision making of the Golden overlord caste which has become so invested in globalism, utilitarianism (for the underclasses), Malthusianism, command-economy Marxism, and the bizarre dysfunctional cluster of victim theory often referred to as “Wokeism”.

As I look out across the torn and tortured psy-ops battleground terrain remaining after over three years of globalized total unrestricted information warfare, the fields of diseased, dead and dying, the shreds of what were once the battle standards we carried into the conflict as both sword and shield – those being the Declaration of Independence, US Constitution and Bill of Rights- lie trampled into the soggy clay of our collective consciousness.

And who do we have to thank for that? Who did we expect to fight for truth by our sides, but instead took the metaphorical 30 pieces of silver to become a pharma and government-sponsored mercenary force deployed against us? That would be corporate and social media and the information technology giants of the Western United States.

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Jill and I have spent over a year now trying to make sense of what has happened, writing, talking, thinking, podcasting with people from all walks of life.

It started with just being conscientious objectors to the obscenities of abuse and wholesale disregard of fundamental human rights, including the right to informed consent for medical procedures and of bodily autonomy.

Now we all know what the Administrative State really thinks about human rights.

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