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Mayorkas Doesn’t Want to Enforce the Law


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Reprinted from Sara Carter's news page.

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Sara A. Carter joined Fox New’s Fox and Friends Weekend, Sunday morning, to discuss the Biden Border crisis. In a recent policy put forth, folks who claim to be LGBTQIA+ will not be detained for “their safety.”

Carter told the hosts, “people are claiming to be LGBTQ in an effort to stay in the county.”

She  continued to call out the Biden administration stating this is a “way the Biden administration can make it public” for migrants, so they know what to do and say when they cross the border. Basically, the Biden administration is giving the illegal migrants direction on how to trick the system, she said. Carter frequently discusses these issues and more on her podcast The Sara Carter Show.

For example, Carter, brought up an example of a migrant she met in Yuma, Arizona where the migrant knew about the loophole put in place at the border in regards to the LGBTQIA+ community. Carter said the migrant told her “he was gay” but then later on in the interview revealed to Carter that in fact he wasn’t gay and that he only used it as a crutch for not being detained.

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