Is the UN trying to groom our kids?

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Written by Senator Malcolm Roberts

Exposing underage children to sexually explicit material is grooming. Why is the United Nations saying nine year olds should be taught about masturbation and view pornography?

My article in the Spectator provides more detail on the UN WHO’s disgusting plans:

As a servant to the many different people that make up our one Queensland community, I draw the Senate’s attention to the United Nations World Health Organization’s current attempt at child grooming.

This speech is part of my longer essay on this topic, which was published yesterday in the Spectator online. The World Health Organization has orchestrated a framework for health and education policymakers called Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe.

Only last month, the World Health Organization tried to expand this agenda worldwide and failed to get the numbers—for now. Not to be outdone, the UN has a complementary framework called the International technical guidance on sexuality education.

The preferred framework of the World Health Organization and the UN demands that sex education begin at birth and be under the state’s guidance—not the parent’s. In their own words, this framework aims to empower children and young people to develop respectful sexual relationships.

It says:

These skills can help children and young people form respectful and healthy relationships with … romantic or sexual partners.

By age four, the child will have knowledge of biological reproduction and sexuality sufficient to differentiate between heterosexual and homosexual behaviour and will be taught about consent—under four!

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By age six, children will be exposed to education on intercourse, masturbation and pornography.

By age nine, these will actually be taught, with the intent of achieving an adult knowledge and the assumption these nine-year-olds would have had their first sexual encounter.

Well, they will now!

By the time children are aged 12, the World Health Organization will have placed all this knowledge into the appropriate political context, thereby destroying our kids’ chances of ever having a loving, monogamous relationship.

Children are impressionable and in their early, formative years can be scarred for life.

Adult sexual content has no place in a child’s education in the way these monsters propose.

It’s time to get out of the pervert’s paradise that the UN and its agencies have become.

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