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Hunter Biden Investigation Sparks Criticism Over Lengthy Duration


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Reprinted from Sara Carter's news page.

A recent revelation regarding the ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden’s financial and legal matters has sparked criticism and raised concerns about the lengthy duration of the case. Legal analysts and lawmakers are calling out the Department of Justice for what they perceive as a slow-walking of the investigation, which has been ongoing for nearly five years.


CNN legal analyst Elie Honig expressed his disbelief at the prolonged investigation, labeling it “preposterous.” The case involving Hunter Biden has been pending since 2018, spanning multiple administrations.

Honig emphasized that the focus of the investigation revolves around alleged misdemeanor tax filing charges, felony tax evasion, false statement charges related to a gun purchase, and a potential violation of federal gun laws by possessing a firearm while battling addiction.

Republican Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, also voiced his concerns over the extended timeline of the Hunter Biden investigation. He contrasted it with the swift conclusion of former President Donald J. Trump’s case, suggesting that the Department of Justice had managed to wrap up the Trump investigation expeditiously.

Johnson pointed out that the Hunter Biden investigation had been “dragging on for years,” leaving many wondering why it has not reached a resolution. In the case of President Donald J. Trump, Johnson stated, “They were able to wrap up this investigation very rapidly. In addition, they announce it pretty much the same day when the details of the FBI confidential human sources are going to be revealed by members of Congress.”

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Recent documents obtained by the House Oversight Committee have further fueled scrutiny of the Biden family. The documents allegedly indicate that President Joe Biden received $5 million from an executive of a Ukrainian natural gas firm.


According to reports from Fox News Digital, sources claimed that the same executive promised $5 million to Hunter Biden as well. These revelations have added to the public interest in the ongoing investigation.

Elie Honig argued that the Hunter Biden investigation should have been concluded within a significantly shorter timeframe, suggesting it could have been resolved in as little as five weeks.

Honig stated on air, “five years, I mean, that’s a five-week investigation.” “Somebody, and this spans the Trump administration and the Biden administration. Someone’s got to make a call on this case. I don’t know what is going on, but it’s beyond anything I’ve seen before,” he added.

The extended duration of the case, spanning multiple administrations, has left him perplexed, calling for the Justice Department to make a decisive call and close out the investigation.

In addition to the financial matters under scrutiny, Hunter Biden’s involvement as a board member of Burisma Holdings has drawn criticism in the past. These factors, combined with the prolonged investigation, have fueled public interest and debate regarding potential improprieties and the urgency of resolving the case.

As the Hunter Biden investigation continues, the calls for a resolution and clarity grow louder. The public remains eager to see whether the Department of Justice will address the concerns surrounding the timeline and ultimately bring closure to this long-standing inquiry.

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