March 23

Humble Servants And Going The Distance


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NOTE: THIS ARTICLE is a reprint from the blog of reverend Kevin Rogers of New Song Church in Windsor, Ontario and is reproduced here for your convenience. You can visit the his blog called "The Orphan Age" HERE.

If we are to enter the mission of God, we need a whole team of godly and gifted people to help us go the distance that the mission calls for.



Ephesians 4:

11 So Christ Himself Gave The Apostles, The Prophets, The Evangelists, The Pastors And Teachers, 12 To Equip His People For Works Of Service, So That The Body Of Christ May Be Built Up 13 Until We All Reach Unity In The Faith And In The Knowledge Of The Son Of God And Become Mature, Attaining To The Whole Measure Of The Fullness Of Christ.



As you look at your context, think about the ways that God has placed people with these motivations in your midst. John Maxwell gives some easy definition to how each of these leadership gifts are distinctive.


God gave at least five types of leaders to the church: apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers. They exist to complete the members’ growth and to equip them to serve. Their roles vary:


1. Apostle: One sent forth to pioneer and establish new works and new leaders.

2. Prophet: One who speaks forth God’s Word to inspire, correct, and motivate.

3. Evangelist: One who shares Christ with outsiders and trains others to do so.

4. Pastor: One who shepherds, guides, and guards God’s people as they serve.

5. Teacher: One who trains God’s people in the truth and teaches others to do so.


When the church fills these five offices, ordinary people get equipped for ministry.[1]


It would serve us well and serve God well to recognize that the Holy Spirit is very intentional in bringing the right people into our lives to guide us in the mission of God. You are not left on your own to figure it all out. You are meant to be influenced in your relationship with God by others that are being led by God’s Spirit and His Word.


If we are to be people that go on mission with God from Jerusalem to earth’s end, we will get there together. We will follow Jesus to the urban poor in Windsor, this region and beyond.


Warren Wiersbe said,


Spiritual unity is not something we manufacture. It is something we already have in Christ, and we must protect and maintain it. Truth unites but lies divide. Love unites, but selfishness divides.[2]


We believe that leaders are really servants and at our best we are filled with the Holy Spirit and demonstrate God’s humility.




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[1] NKJV Maxwell Leadership Bible ©2002, 2007, 2018 by Maxwell Motivation, Inc.

[2] NKJV Wiersbe Study Bible ©2021 by Thomas Nelson. All Rights Reserved


Inspiration, Rev Kevin Rogers

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