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How the Border Crisis Fits Into the Left’s Bigger, Ominous Plans


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Reprinted from Sara Carter's news page.

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The border crisis is intentional and it is being weaponized to control the American people. That’s what independent journalist and longtime war reporter Michael Yon told Sara recently. Based on Panama’s dangerous Darien Gap, Yon sees migrants from scores of nations – especially China – following the path to the United States, where they know they will get to stay.

But the migration disaster is just part of what Yon sees as a massive threat to our nation. He also tells Sara how the European Union and politicians in the Netherlands are forcing Dutch farmers off their land. And Belgium is headed down the same road. But why? What do global elites want with this farmland? Why the specific focus on Belgium and the Netherlands? And how does this shredding of property rights connect back to China?

NOTE: The opinions expressed in the Sara Carter posts are not necessarily (but probably pretty much) the opinions of Cogny Mann.

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