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How Jimmy Dore Broke Out of the Propaganda Matrix


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Written by Dr Joseph Mercola

He was duped by the matrix of propaganda, but after he took the vaccine he had horrible side effects and went on to discover they lied about everything as part of a criminal act on an unbelievable scale. Now he’s spitting fire at the evil psychopathic system

In this interview, one of my favorite comedians, Jimmy Dore, and I discuss the propaganda machine surrounding all things COVID. I’ve posted many of his videos on this site, as I enjoy his direct and incisive commentary. Like me, Dore grew up in Chicago, Illinois. He packed up his belongings and drove to Los Angeles, California, in 1995, and never looked back.

“Everything worked out in Los Angeles for me when I got to town,” he says. “It was a real refuge being around all the other comedians and actors and artists. I got lucky, I got an agent right away and I was able to get on television right away. So everything worked out.”

Exiting the Matrix

I’m impressed with Dore’s critical thinking skills because, like most people, he got caught up in the propaganda and believed the COVID jab would be a good strategy. He took the shot, suffered side effects from it, and had to find a holistic physician who was able to guide him back to health.

Unlike most people, however, Dore was able to put two and two together after that, and realized he’d been duped. The shot was nowhere near as safe (or effective) as they claimed. After that realization, he started seeing through other propaganda narratives as well.

“I was completely propagandized,” he says. “I have a bone condition that I have to treat every day, so I was afraid. They made it sound like if you got COVID, it’s going to go find the most vulnerable part of your body, it’s going to infect it and kill you. So, I was convinced that if I got it, it was going to go right to my bones and kill me.

“I was scared to death. So, I knew I was going to take the vaccine—and I was afraid to look into it. This is true, right? Because I knew I was going to take it anyway, and because both of my doctors had told me to take it, because they didn’t know any better. None of us knew at the time that they were suppressing accurate information. I didn’t know that. Neither did my doctors.

“At that time, we didn’t know there were other doctors out there with another narrative. I didn’t know about the Great Barrington Declaration. I didn’t know there were leading scientists and doctors who had a different idea. I didn’t know what a criminal Dr. Fauci was. I didn’t know that he did the same thing in the AIDS crisis.

“So, I took the vaccine, I got sick, and never got better. It was just horrible side effects. I had 180/120 blood pressure. I could have had a stroke at any moment. I had nerve pain, nerve damage. I was diagnosed with occipital neuralgia, which if you know what that is, it’s the most wicked stiff neck you’ve ever had in your life.

“I had joint pain, exhaustion, shortness of breath. I had it for months. Luckily, [I found doctors] who were on the forefront of treating people who were vaccine injured … and they had a theory. My doctor was Dr. [Ram] Yogendra. He was working with [Dr.] Bruce Patterson and their idea was that people who got vaccine injured would be presenting as if they had long COVID.

“They did a special blood test. He showed me my biological markers and said, ‘You are presenting as if you had long COVID, but you’ve never had COVID. So, you got this from the vax’ … They gave me fluvoxamine, azithromycin, and ivermectin. And when he gave me ivermectin, I was like, ‘Hey, what’s this? I thought this was that horse paste.’

“That’s when it was explained to me that we were being lied to on a scale that our minds can’t comprehend. That ivermectin not only is not dangerous, it’s not only for animals, it’s a human medicine.

In fact, it won the Nobel Prize for human medicine, and it’s on the World Health Organization’s list of essential medicines, has been prescribed billions of times and has saved billions of lives, and is less toxic than Tylenol.

“I was like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ And he said, ‘Jimmy, before COVID, they were looking at ivermectin to treat cancer. It was considered a wonder drug. And the reason why they’re lying about it now is because if ivermectin treats COVID, they can’t get their emergency use authorization for these vaccines’ …

“So that was like, ‘Oh my god, they’re lying about it.’ This is just a big money grab. And as soon as I figured that out, and no matter what I looked into, they were lying about it.”

All Lies

As Dore eventually realized, the medical establishment lied not only about ivermectin, but also about hydroxychloroquine and early treatments.

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They lied about herd immunity and natural immunity.

They lied about masks.

They lied when they said the COVID jab prevents transmission and could end the pandemic.

They lied about the safety of the shots, and about the seriousness of the virus itself too.

“The virus was never a serious virus,” Dore says. “Bill Gates, after he cashed in his stock, money that he invested in Pfizer, then he started telling people the truth. He said, ‘Yeah, well, the virus, it isn’t that deadly. It has a low fatality rate.’ This is a direct quote …

“It affects the elderly and those with comorbidities, kind of like the flu, but a little different. The average age of death from COVID is over the age of life expectancy, but we’re vaccinating high schoolers … children and babies. This is a criminal act on an unbelievable scale. And they’re still doing it because they own the media and because they’ve gotten away with it and because they have immunity from lawsuits.

“Why do you need immunity from a lawsuit? Why do you need that if it’s safe and effective if you’ve done all the trials? Because it’s not, and you haven’t done all the trials. That’s why.

“The people who are pushing this are the biggest criminals in the world, and they’ve already proven that they are willing to kill massive amounts of people for profit … It’s the most psychopathic evil system I’ve ever seen. And everybody is OK with it. So, that was my journey.”

On the Vaccine That Isn’t

As noted by Dore, a vaccine that doesn’t block transmission of a virus (and therefore doesn’t prevent you from getting sick) isn’t a vaccine. It’s a therapeutic. We now know for a fact that the COVID shots don’t block transmission.

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They never even tested to see if it would prevent transmission, which is something I and other scientists pointed out from the very beginning. We also have an abundance of evidence showing the shots do more harm than good.

“More people were injured by the ‘vaccine’ than got saved by it,” Dore says. “Right now, nobody should take it. Omicron is a cold. It has done exactly what Dr. Robert Malone explained on my show in early 2021, that the virus is going to mutate to become way more infectious and less deadly. And that’s exactly what happened.”

During the Omicron wave, Dore got COVID three times, “and it was nothing,” he says. “It was the mildest cold I ever had in my life.” Unfortunately, he made a second mistake the first time he got COVID.

He took Paxlovid and got it again. That Paxlovid makes you prone to reinfection is now also an established fact.

Corruption Will End the US Empire

“What’s happening is we’re run by psychopathic criminals and … people don’t realize that our government is not ‘regular’ corrupt,” Dore says. Most people think of government corruption in terms of Joe Biden giving his son Hunter a cushy job on an energy board in Ukraine, or Donald Trump setting his son up with a business deal in Saudi Arabia.

But the corruption we’re now starting to see is far worse and more widespread than that. It’s been integrated into every part of the government, and every system used to run it.

“The whole thing is corrupt,” Dore says. “The whole COVID policy was corrupt. The whole vaccine rollout 100 percent corrupt. Everything that happens in Congress happens because of grease from the oil of corruption. And if there isn’t corruption in there to grease the wheels, the mechanisms of government don’t run.

“That’s why we can send $100 billion to Ukraine because that’s $100 billion in corruption, while we don’t send $100 billion to the United States to end homelessness. $100 billion dollars could end homelessness three times in the United States, and they won’t send it to our own country because there’s nobody there to make a profit off it … Our legislators make a big profit off war.

“So, we have an endless death economy, and that’s all we can do. We will not invest in our own country. This is called an end of an empire. This is how all empires end, and we’re ending right now …

“We have 1,000 military bases around the world. You know how many Russia has? Three. You know how many China has? I don’t know, two. It’s like nothing. We have 1,000 military bases. We’re the terrorists. We’ve had 400 military bases surrounding China since the Korean War.

“We’re doing a war right now on Russia’s border. Can you imagine if Russia was financing a war against us in Mexico to the tune of $100 billion dollars? Could you imagine if Russia was sending their missiles and their tanks? What do you think we would do? And that’s exactly what’s happening right now.”

We Live in an Illusion of Democracy

As noted by Dore, Russia, China, India, Italy, and Venezuela are now joining forces to create new economic power centers to combat the United States’ hegemony. “And they’re doing it by saber-rattling with two nuclear powers,” Dore says.

“This was the stuff that they said Trump was going to do. Trump actually wasn’t, he was actually a peacenik compared to these guys. Trump didn’t start another war. That’s why they’re arresting him. That’s why they impeached him twice. They had to do an FBI op on January 6.

“The whole thing is, they know that people are done with the oligarchy. They’re done with this two-party duopoly, which is a uniparty because they all work for the same people. The Democrats and the Republicans get paid by the same guys: Wall Street, Big Pharma, health insurance, Silicon Valley, and the military-industrial complex.

“They all work for the same people, which is why we can have an ecological disaster that’s poisoning people in East Palestine, and nobody cares about it in the government, but they will fly to Kiev and promise another $10 billion to a foreign country because corruption is greasing the wheels of that happening …

“We live under a fascist government. Anybody who thinks they’re voting for Democrats and patting themselves on the back like they’re fighting against fascism or white supremacy, I want to disabuse you of that stupid idea. You are not. You are voting for another brand of fascism …

“This idea that you’re going to end fascism by voting for a Democrat—we already live under a fascist government! Your democracy has already been stolen from you. The perfect marriage of corporations and government, that’s what fascism is. That’s why they mandated vaccines. That’s why they gave $100 billion to Ukraine, and they won’t fix homelessness in America.”

Predictions for the Future

Like me, Dore believes things will get far worse before they get better. In terms of overthrowing the corrupt uniparty, he believes we need a brand-new party that hasn’t yet been swallowed by corruption, and his suggestion for Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who is contemplating running for President in 2024, is to ditch the Democratic party and form a new one.

“I wish Bobby Kennedy would run as a third party, and I wish he would organize people to get in the streets,” Dore says. “The guy, he’s a real hope. When you talk to him, you can just sense he’s the real deal … I know he is going to run as a Democrat, and wouldn’t it be great if he proved me wrong? …

“But superdelegates … would find other ways to rig it. Look what they did to Bernie Sanders this last time. They invented a new app for the Iowa primary, and somehow that new app couldn’t count votes. Isn’t that amazing? They couldn’t figure out how many people voted. And who invented that app? A bunch of Democratic Party operatives and donors.

“So, they’re going to invent a way. If it isn’t the superdelegates, which it will be, they will invent new ways to do it, plus the onslaught of the media. Plus, they’ll just say, ‘Oh, he didn’t win. He didn’t get the votes.’ And then if you say, ‘You guys are stealing the election,’ they’ll call you a conspiracy theorist, just like they did to anybody who challenges their elections.

“When the Democrats challenge an election, it’s because they’re good people standing up for democracy like they did against the 2016 election. They say the 2016 election was stolen by Russia. So, that’s OK to say, but you can’t say any other election was stolen or you’re a kook.

“So, our elections weren’t secure enough in 2016 that Donald Trump could win, but they’re so secure in 2020 that you could never have a question about it.

“These people are pathological liars, criminals. We’re ruled by criminals. And I hope Bobby Kennedy gets people in the streets because that’s the only way to get this done. Just like Martin Luther King did, just like Gandhi did. That’s the only way to overthrow [the oligarchy].”

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