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Former CIA Deputy Director ADMITS Blinken played central role in covering up Hunter Biden Laptop Story


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Sara A. Carter contributed to this report.


The chairman of the powerful House Judiciary Committee Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, is demanding to know why C-SPAN is apparently refusing to broadcast a field hearing on “Victims of Violent Crime in Manhattan,” scheduled for Monday in New York City.

Jordan “will examine how Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s pro-crime, anti-victim policies have led to an increase in violent crime and a dangerous community for New York City residents,” according to the committee.

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s recent indictment against former President Donald J Trump has been criticized by both Democrats and Republicans as being politically motivated and lacking serious teeth. Many law experts and lawmakers have questioned Bragg’s decision to bring about the 34 felony count indictment when he has been so weak on pursuing serious criminal cases against violent offenders.

“Why will C-SPAN cover Democrat-run field hearings, but not Republican-run Judiciary Committee field hearings? That doesn’t seemed “balanced” at all, and frankly Americans deserve better from the network. If C-SPAN refuses to fairly cover Democrat and Republican hearings, then Americans should cut their subscription to the network.” a  source directly familiar with the matter told SaraACarter.com.

C-SPAN could not be immediately reached for comment.

Bragg, however, has refused to back down and filed a lawsuit against Jordan  on Tuesday, saying the Chairman is attempting to interfere with his case against Trump, when asked to testify before the committee. The hearing in New York, Monday is expected to be heated, as it will focus on the rise of crime in New York City and the failure of Bragg’s office to bring charges against criminals. Bragg has been described as being ‘soft on crime” and many residents have spoken out against the Manhattan DA’s failure to protect victims.

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Jordan, tweeted recently, “New York City. Portland. San Francisco. All seeing businesses close down because of crime. All run by Democrats.” This is exactly why Jordan is heading to Manhattan but unfortunately for the public, C-SPAN, a public radio, will not broadcast the hearing leaving the public in the dark, very much resembling the way the Chinese Communist Party has utilized public media censorship.

According to reports from Townhall, Jon Kelley, C-SPAN’s assignment Desk Manager, said, “We won’t be able send a crew to cover the House Judiciary field hearing on Victims of Violent Crime in Manhattan on Monday. I know it is making a lot of news and we did look at possible coverage but we just don’t have the resources at this time.”

Moreover, Monday’s hearing will be the only hearing of the day for the House of Representatives leaving the House Judiciary Committee perplexed. Staffers of the Committee contacted C-SPAN to gain a understanding of why they won’t air the hearing but C-SPAN has yet to return their emails, according to reports.

On Twitter, the House Judiciary GOP tweeted, “C-SPAN covered Democrat-run field hearings in the past. But so-far, have refused to cover Republican-run Judiciary Committee field hearings.”

Previous to the hearting being held in Manhattan, there was a GOP field hearing at the border which C-SPAN also refused to cover due to the fact that there would be no Democrats at the hearing. C-SPAN then changed their reasoning for not covering the hearing, blaming it on a lack of resources.

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Rep. Barry Moore, R-AL, reinforced the House Judiciary GOP’s tweet with a tweet of his own saying, “C-SPAN claims to cover ‘gavel-to-gavel proceedings of the House and Senate,’ and previously covered Democrat-run field hearings. So why didn’t they cover our Judiciary GOP field hearing at the border? Why won’t they come to Manhattan?”

Furthermore, the report from Townhall stated that a source of theirs said, “If C-SPAN is worried about ‘cord-cutting,’ maybe they should be more fair in their editorial decisions and cover hearings that people actually care about instead of the liberal content they currently produce.”

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