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Book review: Transcending the Climate Change Deception Toward Real Sustainability


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Written by PSI editors

By Mark-Gerard, former scientist at the United Nations Environment Division; and at Department of Energy and Climate Change, UK

The UN and powerful special interests have tried to convince the world that Co2 is a climate changing toxin.

The UN climate narrative will be remembered as the greatest mass delusion in the history of the world.

1500 scientists have signed a declaration disputing the UN narrative.

Evidence and testimony is provided from renowned and distinguished climate scientists that ‘climate change’ is not due to Co2 emissions or methane from livestock, such as cows.

The climate changes slowly and naturally in its own cycle and the dominant factor is solar activity.

The money agenda, fake science, and fraudulent computer modelling is exposed.

The UN climate hoax has subverted and suppressed real environmentalism and real local sustainability, and is designed to propel humanity into UN Agenda 2030.

There are thousands of real pollutants to land, air, and water from the systems of industrial globalisation – Co2 is not one of them.

Furthermore, there is the issue of geo-engineering. UN Agenda 2030 is a plan for mega-corporate control of everything on Earth; and aims to move people off the land and into ‘smart cities’.

This is smart for them, not smart for us.

The author examines the power base behind the curtain of the deceptive globalised corporate and financial matrix and how this matrix came to exist.

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A path toward an enlightened future is mapped out based on real sustainability, monetary reform, resilient local systems, becoming free from legal fiction and bonded surety, a God-conscious society, and knowledge from the ancient Vedic texts.

The book also analyses the deceptive UN 17 ‘Sustainable Development Goals’; connections between private banking and the Co2 hoax; the historical controlling influence of the private banking cartel in war, globalisation, western monopoly capitalism, and genocidal communism; oil dependency and potential collapse; flaws of the globalisation system, and the psuedo-science of contemporary economics.

You can purchase the book at: amazon.co.uk amazon.de amazon.com

Website: www.mkeenan.ie

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