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A Top Gun Pilot Turned Entrepreneur’s Journey to Hearing God


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NOTE: This is a reprint of a post from the Kris Vallotton's website. Kris is a member on staff at Bethel Church in Redding, California. I share his posts here because I am always amazed at the insights the Lord gives him.



Have you ever wondered if there are areas in your life you don’t invite the Lord to speak into? Maybe it’s your health, dreams, money, or business? Maybe you have subconsciously written it off as “unspiritual” or you have decided that He simply doesn’t care about it. 

I’d propose, the danger in our life lies in the space that we deem untouchable and undesirable to God — we limit His ability, restrict His access, and suffocate sanctified solutions necessary to move the mountains in our life. 

The truth is, the Lord does not see spiritual barriers — consider the life of Nebuchadnezzar or even Pharoah. God was speaking to them about very practical aspects of their leadership before they even knew Him or understood what He was saying. Yet, Nebuchadnezzar sought spiritual insight from Daniel who was attuned to the voice of God. 

It is vital that we examine our life with an understanding that the Lord is always speaking and He is talking about every area of our life. Yet, we often receive prophetic words in our life and don’t see the fruition of them because we have a belief system that limits us from receiving them in faith. 

Did you know that nobody else is going to guard, savor and protect your prophetic words for you? That’s right — what you receive from a word is very much up to you. Imagine how many words never come to fruition because we simply never take part in them, step into them or at the very least, remember them. Or it’s easy to mark them as impossible leaving all the work up to God to complete them in our life. But, the truth is we play a part in bringing the word to fruition on the earth. 

This may be a sobering thought but it’s so important to recognize that even if you get a word that makes no sense to you now, it doesn’t mean it’s not from God or not valuable. Remember that the value you place on the word determines the power you’ll receive from it! 

I recently sat down for a conversation with

Ed Rush
, a Corps F/A-18 pilot and business consultant. Ed shared in our conversation a wide variety of life experiences that led him to realize that God speaks and is speaking to us about every area of our lives. 

This post, "A Top Gun Pilot Turned Entrepreneur's Journey to Hearing God." is an excerpt (part or whole) from Kris Vallotton's website, "https://www.krisvallotton.com/."

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