7th grader’s family takes legal action against school for violating the First Amendment

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A 7th grader attending Nichols Middle School (NMS) in Massachusetts is filing a lawsuit against the school for purportedly violating the student’s First Amendment right in March by forcing the student to remove his shirt that said, “There are only two genders.”


The student, Liam Morrison and his family, have now taken legal action against the school by hiring the Massachusetts Family Institute to represent them in the case against the school. Morrison alerted the school that on May 5th he had planned on wearing the shirt to school again. In response, attorneys representing NMS told the organization fighting for the 7th grader’s First Amendment right that they would continue to prohibit him from wearing the shirt.

Following the school’s remarks, Liam chose to wear a shirt that said, “There are censored genders.” The student was told to take it off immediately after entering the school.

As quoted from Fox News, Liam stated,

“So what happened is very, very shortly after I arrived, I was actually a bit early, is just as the school was opening up– it didn’t really take long for someone to walk into my homeroom and [someone] to tell me, ‘Hey, I need you to follow me,’”

“And knowing the shirt I was wearing and even though how different it was, I figured out that they would probably want me to come to the principal’s office. And after I had followed them, I went to the room that they told me to, and I already took my shirt off because I knew that that’s what they were going to ask me to do.”


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Moreover, Liam has been shown an amount of respect and gratitude by his classmates for standing up for his beliefs and showing the school that he is not backing down from the outrageous attack on him.

Furthermore, in an interview that aired on Fox News Digital, Sam Whiting, a staff attorney for MFI said, “Liam did everything correct in this situation. He hasn’t disrupted anything. He hasn’t harassed anyone. And yet they’re still censoring him just because they don’t like what his shirt had to say. And that’s made even more obvious by the fact that they made him take off a censored version of the shirt. It didn’t even say anything about gender. It just made a statement about censorship. And because Liam was wearing it, they made him take it off again.”

As much of Americans, Liam is tired of being silenced for his own beliefs. The United States of America is in a contentious and perplexed period of its life cycle that has created a great divide amongst the citizens living within the country. Liam stated that he did not have intentions of targeting any group or demographic of people by wearing his shirt and wore the shirt solely based on his own beliefs.

Liam said,

“Always fight for what you believe in and well, never let anyone stop you from believing really…” “To be honest, in the place that we live, or in the time that we live, there are a lot of people that try and make it so that you’re not allowed to believe what you can. But, it’s being taken away from us. And being able to speak up not just about your own, being able to voice your opinion, but for everybody else.”

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