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Throttling Covid19 vaccine reports child’s play to the VAERS & CDC


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Written by Welcome The Eagle

Throttling or deliberate delay in publishing VAERS Reports and it’s been going on for years, and we didn’t have the wisdom to know the difference!

Let’s skip the dinner and movie and get right down to the foreplay and fraud! Click the image to launch the official medalerts report. It’s true and legitimate.

The reason I’m here is to show the world how to expose this thinly veiled carnival trick they have been doing for quite a while apparently. Props to all the PhD’s and computational biologists and math wizards out there, you all are doing a great job keep it up.

If anybody is interested in my master files of EVERY VAERS ID# published date, let me know and I’ll extend a professional courtesy otherwise I will make the files available for my paid subscribers shortly.

You don’t ask a shark to climb a tree, you ask a monkey to climb the tree. I’m that monkey, the #1 VAERS “Auditor” in the world. Since I no longer want to run large medical billing operations for hospitals or laboratories participating in the fraud, I’m trying to carve out an existence as a VAERS watchdog.

So if you can throw a hungry dog a bone that would be wonderful. If somebody can come in and do it better, please come in and relieve me of my post. Until then I feel obligated to humanity until the world has a VAERS Interactive Dashboard, like the Executive Officers at Moderna and Pfizer must be using.

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Ok so unless you have been faithfully downloading the VAERS WONDER files every week and identifying the “new” weekly reports along with the deleted reports, you will have a impossible challenge finding throttled reports.

The downloadable files offer no time stamp data of when reports were published, and you can’t query them using Simpleton searches from any website (except mine). MedAlerts and my VaersAware is the only place to go to “see” when reports were published.

VaersAware is the only site where you can do any analysis on the various time lags between the various dates like vax date, onset date, death date, received date, published date, and lot expiration date where applicable and in every combination.

I very recently took the time to scrape down every VAERS ID# from the MedAlerts Wayback Machine. The Wayback Machine does offer lists of ID#’s from every reporting cycle technically, but it’s only a lists of ID#, I had to bake a serious cake and massage it into usable data and especially for all dates Pre-Covid jabs.

I put together a snippets collage of the summary details for every published “cycle” date, you can see the complete pdf collage HERE.

It looks like this:

I’m working on my Magnum Opus now having the whole ~33yr VAERS Dashboard but with all the functionality of my covid19 only dashboard!

The rats a running out of places to hide, and let me tell you my initial teaser ID# 50793 I opened with is not rare or an outlier, there is a ton of stuff!


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I really can’t believe fraud like this has been going on for this long? What the heck was everybody doing? More to be revealed… God Bless.

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