WSJ Opinion: Iranian terror arrived in U.S. but Biden ’emboldens Iran’ by ignoring it

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By Jenny Goldsberry

Two Iranian policy advisors published an opinion editorial via the Wall Street Journal Tuesday, pleading with President Biden to stop Iranian terrorism in the U.S. Navid Mohebbi and Cameron Khansarinia from the National Union for Democracy in Iran (NUFDI) wrote the piece following the attempted kidnapping of Masih Alinejad.

Hohebbi became the world’s youngest jailed journalist at 18 years old because of his reporting and activism. Now, he is a senior policy fellow at NUFDI under Policy Director Khansarinia.

“In this op-ed, [Khansarinia and] I argue that ignoring the kidnapping plot sets a horrifying precedent [and] emboldens [Iran] to intensify its terror abroad,” Mohebbi tweeted. “We call on [Biden] to take decisive actions against the regime by halting negotiations & expelling ‘diplomats.’”

“So far, President Biden has proved Khomeini prescient,” the two write. “His cowed stance is dangerous not only for those residing within the U.S. but for liberty’s advocates all around the world. The plot to kidnap an American citizen from New York has thus far gone unrecognized and uncondemned by Mr. Biden.”

However, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken did draw attention to Alinejad in a tweet. “The one tweet that did come from Secretary of State Antony Blinken didn’t even name Iran as the perpetrator or mention that an American citizen had been threatened on U.S. soil,” they wrote.

As a result, according to Mohebbi Blinken “still falls short of addressing the real threat.” The secretary didn’t even mention that she was targeted for a kidnapping while living in the United States.

But the solution to end Iranian terror attempts on U.S. soil is simple, the two write. “[Biden] should halt negotiations in Vienna, expel diplomats at the regime’s Interest Section in DC & open an ongoing dialogue with the secular democratic opposition,” their op ed reads.

Read the full article here.

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