WATCH: Rep. Jim Jordan: ‘I have never downplayed January 6th’

By Jenny Goldsberry

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) appeared on Fox News Tuesday to react to the House January 6th commission’s first session. After Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) rejected his recommendation onto the commission, he is now saying he never “downplayed” the riots.

“I have never downplayed January 6th,” Jordan said. “What we have done and what Republicans have done is we have been consistent. We said what happened last summer in so many of our urban areas to police officers, to small business owners and to our fellow citizens was as wrong as wrong could be. And we said what happened on January 6th was as wrong as wrong could be. We have been consistent.”

Meanwhile the Ohio representative pointed the blame at the other side of the aisle. “The people who haven’t are the Democrats,” Jordan said. “That’s why they continue to focus on this, because they can’t talk about the fact that they defunded the police and all the things they said. They raised money to bail out rioters and looters from jail. They can’t talk about those things, so they are going to focus on this and attacking the former president.”

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