WATCH: Macron gets slapped in the face during meet and greet

Reprinted from Sara Carter's news page.


French President Emmanuel Macron was greeting citizens Tuesday in the small town Tain-l’Hermitage when a man took the opportunity to slap him in the face. Macron was not injured, and continued the meet and greet.

As he attacked Macron, the man yelled a centuries old war cry and also said “Down with Macron.” The man, along with the person with him, have both been arrested.

“I’m always going to meet people,” Macron said Tuesday evening. “Some people express anger, sometimes disarray … that’s legitimate anger, and we will continue to respond. Stupidity and violence, no, not in democracy.”

But in the end, Macron said it was an isolated incident so he was not afraid for his safety. “We must not let isolated acts, ultra-violent individuals, like there had been some also in protests, dominate the public debate: they don’t deserve it,” he said.

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