VP Harris reportedly working on economic strategy for Central America, has yet to visit the Southern border

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Vice President Harris is set to meet with the heads of 12 companies Thursday to encourage economic opportunity, and hopefully lower immigration to the U.S. A White House official spoke to Reuters on the details of the meeting.

According to the reported anonymous source, some companies have already made commitments. Microsoft agreed to provide internet access to three million more people in the Northern Triangle by July 2022. Nespresso will buy at least $150 million worth of its coffee from El Salvador and Honduras by 2025. Mastercard will provide banking services to five million people who previously had no access to financial institutions. Also, the banking company will give electronic banking access to one million micro and small businesses.

Chobani has agreed to bring its incubator program for Guatemalan entrepreneurs. It’s a program that trains small business owners in the food business. Up until now, it’s only been available in the U.S. and Australia.

This meeting comes months since Harris was appointed as border czar. She has yet to visit the southern border herself.

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