Vatican demands COVID vaccination “green pass” to enter

Reprinted from Sara Carter's news page.


The Vatican announced Monday that after October 1st, visitors will have to prove COVID vaccination status via a “green pass.” This rule also applies to personnel within the state.

However, they will make an exception for those traveling there for a liturgical celebration. For instance, visitors will not need a green pass during the rites involved for Easter, Christmas, Lent, etc. But, the Vatican will only open its doors for the time strictly necessary for the rite. Then, they will require personal protective equipment and social distancing.

Similarly, Italy, the country surrounding The Holy See, requires a green pass to work. Other mandates are being teased throughout Europe.

Previously, the Vatican has declared that vaccines should remain “voluntary.” However, Pope Francis said “ethically everyone should take the vaccine.” Further, he said, refusing the vaccine manifests “suicidal denialism.”

Meanwhile, Catholic parishes with thousands of congregants freely attend worship services. For example, Our Lady of Aparecida opened an even bigger building for worship this weekend in Bethel, Conneticut.

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