UT AG accuses Biden of ‘ignoring’ fentanyl crisis at the border

Reprinted from Sara Carter's news page.


By Jenny Goldsberry

Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes tweeted Tuesday to say he is “horrified by conditions at our southern border.” He is particularly concerned with the rise of fentanyl at the border.

During the fall of 2019, law enforcement discovered Utahn Aaron Shamo’s fentanyl pill mill operation. Now, he’s been sentenced to life in prison. “[He] was responsible for taking the lives of far too many,” Reyes wrote. However fentanyl is currently rising again, with 6 million pills found by the Phoenix DEA office in 2021 alone. Back in 2015, that same office hadn’t seized any fentanyl.

Meanwhile, the “Biden Admin is ignoring it or failed,” Reyes wrote. “Either way, deluge of meth and fentanyl spawns new Aaron Shamos every day. Our brave CBP personnel spread too thin on border. Cartels having their way flouting law and flooding America at record pace with over 90,000 [pounds] of fentanyl seized in 2021 alone.”

As a result, Reyes wants to see the president aggressively combat this epidemic. “[Biden] must fix this crisis right away,” Reyes wrote. “We can control borders humanely but aggressively.”

Sara Carter agrees, calling the situation a “drug war” on her latest episode of the Sara Carter Show. “The drug cartels don’t care that they’re killing their clients,” Carter said. “And they are aiding and abetting adversaries of the United States to conduct your regular warfare on our country. And guess what? We’re not paying attention because we’re so immune or desensitized to the drug issue–to the drug war.”

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