UPDATE: Video of Australian Woman Shows Balcony She Cannot Leave at COVID Detention Facility

On Friday we reported on a young Australian woman who described how she was forcibly stripped from her home and taken to a COVID detention facility. A longer clip of her interview is now circulating, which includes some cell phone video she took while at the facility.

The video shows her receiving an “official warning” that she is not allowed to leave what seems to be some type of porch balcony in front of where she is being held. The girl explained in her interview that she was forcefully held in the detention center alone for 14 days.

In the video taken from the facility, she is being warned by a man and a woman wearing full protection including rubber gloves, masks and protective eyeglasses who state “you have to stay on your balcony and obey the rules while you’re here.”

When she asks if she can go to the laundry they say only if she is wearing a mask. But other than that she is unable to cross a literal line placed on the balcony floor. “You definitely can’t go up the fencing rails,” the man tells her. She then moves the camera to show the line and the fence virtually right next to it. “It makes no sense,” she says pointing at other individuals right next to the fence as she has been instructed not to be.

“You can’t leave your balcony to go to the fence to talk to somebody else. That’s just obvious” he tells her with increasing frustration. He then attempts to act like he’s doing her a favor by issuing just a warning because her “crime” is actually deserving of a $5,000 penalty which he threatens to issue her the next time she disobeys the rules.

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