Former President Trump appeared on Fox News to blast President Biden for leaving military equipment to fall into the hands of the Taliban. Host Greg Gutfeld interviewed the former president on Wednesday.

“I mean, we did a great job. I rebuilt the military,” Trump told Gutfield. “All that beautiful stuff, that brand-new stuff, and you know who has it now? The Taliban. I built it for the Taliban.”

According to reports, the military left a number of machinery and weaponry. Over 64,000 machine guns, 350,000 assault rifles and 126,000 pistols fell to the hands of the Taliban. Not to mention the over 22,000 humvees, 50,000 trucks, 160 tanks and more.

“It wasn’t supposed to happen,” Trump said. “Now we see these beautiful, perfect, brand-new rifles, and these guys are carrying two and they’re wearing our uniforms and flying our helicopters. It’s a disgrace.”

Recently, a video of a man dangling from a Black Hawk in Afghanistan went viral. An Afghan journalist revealed it was a living Taliban fighter attempting to hoist the Taliban flag. In the end, he wasn’t successful.

Now, the Taliban isn’t the only group with access to this equipment. Former U.S. Army Green Beret and Central Intelligence Agency liaison officer Jerry Torres appeared on the Sara Carter Show Monday to warn that the cutting edge weapons left behind and Biden’s failed evacuation has emboldened America’s enemies.

“Here’s the thing about that equipment, you know, the equipment are going to Chinese,” Torres told Carter. “The equipment is one thing, but the code behind it, the computer programming code behind that stuff, is what the Chinese and the Russians need to catch up with us.”

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Meanwhile, the Taliban also utilizes the rest of the weaponry left behind to fight the Panjshir province. The province is the last of the strongholds of the resistance effort.

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