Trump at CPAC: ‘We will take back that glorious White House’

Reprinted from Sara Carter's news page.


By Jenny Goldsberry

Former President Trump made an appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas, Texas Sunday. His remarks included a rally for conservatives to “take back” the House, Senate and White House. The theme of CPAC Texas was appropriately titled: “America Uncanceled.”

“We must decide that we will not stop, we will not rest until our American heritage of freedom, liberty and justice is once again safe and once again secure,” Trump said to the gathering of conservatives Sunday. All of the conference was also broadcast.

“We owe our country nothing less than that,” Trump went on. “Our glorious American inheritance was passed down to us by generations of American patriots who gave everything they had — their sweat, their blood to build America into the greatest nation in the world, and we will not let it be taken away from us by a small group of radical left marxist maniacs. We are not going to let it happen.”

But, Trump did not seem deterred by the “radical left marxist maniacs.” He reminded those in the audience that they are the true “majority.”

“We will lead the conservative movement Republican party back to victory and it will be a greater victory than this party has ever had,” Trump said. “We will take back the House, we will take back the Senate. And then, after witnessing all that has gone wrong in our country in such a short period of time–with our borders, with our economy, with crime–we will take back that glorious White House.”

Similarly, Sara Carter addressed the border crisis during the conference on Saturday. Carter covered the border for years, but she said she has “never seen it this bad” since President Biden took office.

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