Texas police officer calls migrant infections crossing border a ‘health risk’ for Americans

By Jenny Goldsberry

Fox News invited Sergeant Manuel Casas of the La Joya Police Department to report on the active cases of COVID-19 among migrants. He says he knows of COVID-positive migrants who crossed the border, some knowing already that they were positive, to stay in a local hotel in La Joya. But, he doesn’t know how many.

“The ones that we came across told us they were positive,” Casas reported from the border.

But, they only found them after the fact. No one had warned them that COVID-positive visitors were coming. “We did not know this. No one told the city of La Joya. No one told the police department that these people were here. And no one told us that these people were possibly ill,” La Joya Sgt. Manuel Casas told reporters at a Tuesday press conference.

Host Dana Perino asked if he would like to see a pause in Biden’s current open door immigration policy. “That’s what we’re looking for,” Casas responded. “We’re looking for transparency. For us to be able to know what is going on. If this is happening, how do we let the community know if we’re in the dark about this?”

Meanwhile, Sara Carter was in the very same region this week. She saw with her own eyes that sick migrants were crossing the border. One family traveled by foot from Honduras. It took them a month.

First, there were 135 migrants had COVID in the Rio Grande Valley sector. At the time, it was a 900% increase since the beginning of the pandemic. Now, it’s on the rise still.

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“Overnight, I spoke to one of the supervisors from the Border Patrol and they advised me that they have a little over 400” Casas said. “That poses a problem. It’s a health risk. It’s a danger to everyone else.”

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