Taliban is ‘trying to wipe out 100%’ of the Panjshiri people from Afghanistan source says

Sara Carter brought an anonymous source on the Sara Carter Show to talk about the unfolding genocide of Panjshiri people in Afghanistan. The Taliban, among other terrorist groups, has targeted him and his family. As a result, Carter wanted to protect his identity.

First, upon taking power in reportedly bloodless fights, the Taliban targeted the Panjshir province. Here, according to Carter’s source, many Taliban fighters were killed after 2001. Now, the Taliban has returned to avenge their deaths with more deaths. Only this time, they have U.S. military-grade weapons to accomplish their mission.

“The people who lived in the valley, the Taliban start killing people,” the source told Carter. “They’re killing by hundreds and hundreds and every every single villager.”

Next, the Taliban is brazen about the massacres. “The worst part is the Taliban is not allowing anybody to bury their bodies,” the source said.

Carter asked him if he would call it a genocide. “Yes, it is genocide,” he responded. “They’re trying to wipe out the Panjshiris because they are scared if they leave Panjshiri alive they will fight against back against 100 years from now. They are trying to wipe out 100% Panjshiri from Afghanistan.”

Meanwhile, Pakistan denies any involvement in the takeover of the Panjshir province. Foreign Office spokesperson Asim Iftikhar said Thursday that allegations of Pakistan’s involvement is simply propoganda.

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